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The Find a TMS Doctor or Therapist page is one of our most popular pages, and consists of the most comprehensive collection of TMS practitioners on the web. The page is one of our best resouces and helps visitors find skilled practitioners in their area. As there are very few TMS practitioners out there, any time we can add a new one to our list we are providing meaningful information to people. The main requirement to be added to the practitioner list is for a practitioner to complete a survey response form. Information on how to add a practitioner's survey can be found on the Practitioner Survey Response Form Editor page.


After a practitioner submits a survey response form, they are eligible to be added to the Find a TMS Doctor or Therapist page. While this may seem overwhelming at first, it only takes a couple short steps.

  1. Go to the Find a TMS Doctor or Therapist page
  2. Click the "Edit" button on the State heading where you will be adding the practitioner, i.e. if the practitioner is from New Jersey click on the edit button in the New Jersey section
  3. Begin to add the practitioner's entry based on the template below: Note, the list is organized alphabetically by last name
  4. Click save and you are done!

Template for Practitioner's Entry

{{PractitionerBox|Contents= '''Name, [[Practitioner's Degrees#MD|MD]]''' ([[How we categorize TMS Professionals|type of practitioner]]) <br />
Intro text <br />

Street address <br />Note: Link the street address to a google maps location
City, State, Zip<br />
Phone<br />
fax <br />
Email <br/>
Website / Survey Response Form Link <br />

Editing Individual Entries

Every once in awhile a practitioner will email our organization with a request to update their entry on the Find a TMS Doctor or Therapist. Updating their information is quite simple. The following are some tips and a short video on how to do this. If you ever have any questions feel free to ask about it in our forum. Several tips to help you edit are:

  • Click the "Edit" button for the sub heading of the state where the practitioner is located. In other words, if the practitioner is in New York click the edit button for the New York sub-heading.
  • If the section has several entries in it use the Ctrl + F function and search for the practitioner's last name.
  • Make the edits to the necessary section and save the page.

DISCLAIMER: The TMS Wiki is for informational and support purposes only and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. See Full Disclaimer.