Survey Response: Suzanne Engelman, PhD

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This survey was last updated in July 2019.

Degrees/Licenses Held:
Ph.D. Clinical and Health Psychology

Contact Information:
30131 Town Center Drive, # 268, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 (South Orange County)
(949) 460-4908

Number of years in practice: 30 years

Number of years in practice with patients who have TMS: 30 years

Number of patients you have seen who have had TMS: hundreds

What is your association to the TMS community?
I am on the TMS WIKI Listserve and work together with TMS Physicians treating people with TMS; I attend TMS trainings whenever I can.

Have you ever suffered from TMS?
I did have TMS related back pain 25 years ago, and know the difficulty of accepting the diagnosis and then working with psychophysiological tools to heal.

What insurance plans do you currently accept?
I am out of network for all insurances and have no Medicare openings

Do you have a sliding scale of payment for people who are not covered by insurance? I do not

Are you able to conduct sessions over the phone and/or via internet video services (i.e. Skype or FaceTime)?
No, because SKYPE/FACE TIME are not HIPPA compliant; i.e., I cannot guarantee confidentiality when working in those modalities.

What have you done to educate yourself about TMS, and what plans do you have for further education about TMS?
I have worked in the PPD/TMS field for over 30 years, obtaining training whenever I can. I am a licensed Health and Clinical Psychologist, very attuned to the emotional aspects underlying illness and will continue to learn and expand my knowledge as I go forward.

What mind-body books do you recommend to your patients? In particular, do you recommend Dr. Sarno's books?
Yes I recommend all of Dr. Sarno's books, as well as Drs. Schubiner and Schechters' books and workbooks as well.

Tell us about yourself (this text may be used to craft your bio):
An experienced clinical and health psychologist, I have been working in the field of psychophysiologic disorders (PPD) for 30 years. As a member of of the medical staffs of two Orange County hospitals, I frequently receive referrals from physicians (both TMS physicians specifically and physicians in general) who think their patients may have a psychological component to their pain or disorder. In addition to trauma, back pain, foot pain, paralysis of specific limbs, and other pain syndromes, some people experience psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. My approach to all of these issues may include utilizing tools of mindfulness, biofeedback and other mind body approaches. I also conduct Animal Assisted Therapy, and have a special interest working with issues of death, dying, and bereavement.

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