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This survey was last updated in July 2015.

Degrees/Licenses Held:
Associates in Science, Bachelors of Science in Engineering, MBA, License to Kill from Interpol

Contact Information:

What sort of services do you provide? TMS consulting/coaching

Number of years in practice: 13 years coaching, no more practicing, I have it down.

Number of years in practice with clients who have TMS: 10 (see above)

Number of clients you have seen who have had TMS: All of them had TMS, averaging 2-3 per week for 10 years.

What is your association to the TMS community? Author, blogger, all around good guy

Have you ever suffered from TMS? Yes—everyone has.

What insurance plans do you currently accept? No insurance, only accept PayPal, sometimes chickens or pigs

Do you have a sliding scale of payment for people who are not covered by insurance?
$250 per session: If someone truly can’t afford it I try to help for free. I believe everyone should have a shot at being pain-free.

Are you able to conduct sessions over the phone and/or via internet video services (i.e. Skype or FaceTime)?
Yes, I do consults over the phone, and with my face on Skype.

What have you done to educate yourself about TMS, and what plans do you have for further education about TMS?
I’ve read all the TMS books, spoken to several TMS MDs over many years, as well as, other TMS practitioners, and researched for 10 years writing my own TMS book.

Please walk us through one or more examples of what happens during a session, and how that changes over the course of working with a client.
Every person or “case” is different in that they need something different in order to get on track, or unstuck. Some need generic “TMS-101” advice, some need moral support, others need a guide through the fog of confusion, some want to know if they’re doing the correct things, others just want to talk or cry, and yet others want to hear about the spiritual aspects of healing and awakening.

A session lasts at least an hour, no less. I check to see if they’ve been worked-up with an exam. Then we get into what’s ailing them, and it almost always turns to their relationships, and fear.

As we are going to post your answers on the TMS Wiki, feel free to write some text to introduce yourself:
Hi I’m Steve, I’m Capricorn. I love long walks in the rain, slow sunsets, and puppies. I’ve done over 40 radio interviews on TMS, and have written dozens of magazine articles on TMS, and hundreds of blogs.

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