Survey Response: Jeffrey Axelbank, PsyD

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This survey was last updated in October 2012.

Degrees/Licenses Held:
Degree: Psy.D.
License: NJ Psychology License #35SI00325200

Contact Information:
Jeffrey H. Axelbank
727 Raritan Avenue
Highland Park, NJ 08904
Tel: (732) 572-8848

Number of years in practice: 17

Number of years in practice with patients who have TMS: 17 (though only started treating TMS 10 years ago)

Number of patients you have seen who have had TMS: Impossible to know, since it is not always a focus of treatment. I am a psychologist treating people with all kinds of issues and problems.

What is your association to the TMS community? I have had my own personal experience with TMS, and also have treated people with TMS.

Have you ever suffered from TMS? Yes

Are you able to conduct therapy sessions over the phone? WIll do phone sessions in special limited circumstances, but not routinely.

What insurance plans do you currently accept? I am not in network with any insurance plans, but insurance will cover my services as part of the out-of-network benefits.

Do you have a sliding scale of payment for people who are not covered by insurance? I try to work with people without in insurance to find a mutually agreeable financial arrangement. This may often include offering a sliding fee.

Additional Questions for Therapists

What have you done to educate yourself about TMS, and what plans do you have for further education about TMS?
I have read books on TMS and have networked with other providers knowledgeable about TMS.

As we are going to post your answers on the TMS Wiki, feel free to write some text to introduce yourself:
As a psychologist, I know that sometimes people with TMS need additional help identifying the underlying issues that are driving their TMS pain. Or even if they have identified the issues, getting relief from the pain may take more help in working with those issues. I have treated many people with TMS and a variety of manifestations (for example, neck and back pain, bursitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia). Working with me can help to both come to terms with some of the underlying issues, as well as help develop strategies for using this knowledge to reduce your pain and discomfort, and to resume a more normal life. For details about me and my practice, please visit my website,

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