Survey Response: Gail DiBernardo, LCSW

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This survey was last updated in August 2009.

Degrees/Licenses: MSW, LCSW. Masters in Social Work, St. Louis University. WA state certified social worker.

No. of years in practice: 18 years

No. of years in practice with patients with TMS: 2 years

No. of patients seen with TMS? 5

What is your association with the TMS community?
I am listed as a resource as a TMS counselor on the Tarpit Yoga site, the TMS Wiki site, and on Dr. Schubiner's site,

Have you ever suffered from TMS?
I suffered from TMS back pain for four years, after my teenage son became ill. I found Dr. Sarno's work and also sought help from recovered people through Tarpit Yoga. During my recovery over a one and a half year period, I began counseling. Since my psychotherapist was unfamiliar with TMS, I educated her about TMS and Dr. Sarno's treatment for it.

Able to conduct therapy sessions over the phone?
Yes, most certainly. Clients have felt that this works very well.

Insurance Plans?
I advise clients to contact their insurance companies for information about coverage.

Sliding fee scale?
Yes. I am committed to helping make counseling for TMS affordable for all who need it.

What have I done to educate myself about TMS?
For the past several years I have been a careful student of TMS first for my own recovery and later for my clients suffering from TMS. Although my medical doctor, chiropractor, and the many alternative folks I saw could not help me, they unwittingly supported Dr. Sarno's theory and were a very important part of my education about TMS. I learned much from Dr. Sarno's work, and from other doctors who have studied with Dr. Sarno, especially Dr. Schubiner and his excellent program for treating TMS.

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