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When contacting journalist it is important to express the valuable resources at the wiki's disposal which can help in the development of a TMS article. The following are the services and functions that one should inform journalist about when seeking to gain media coverage of TMS.

Each of the following services is free, in keeping with our mission of encouraging the dissemination of free information about TMS. For more information email


  • Patient Interviews: Being very active in the community of recovered TMS patients, we can help you identify and contact people who would be willing to be interviewed and would make good interviews. The TMS Wiki has over 200 Success Stories that are categorized by Symptoms and Diagnosis. For any given writer, we will be able to consult regarding whether that individual is reachable.
  • Practioner Interviews: The TMS Wiki has developed relationships with a large number of medical and mental health professionals. Several of the editors of the wiki participated in the 1st annual TMS Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A wiki editor also assembled the group that planned and organized the 2nd TMS Conference at UCLA and several editors helped organize the event, filling the roles of emcee and treasurer. The wiki can introduce journalists to the most active mind body practitioners. Details will be provide upon request.
  • Celebrity Interviews: There are a small number of celebrities who publicly advocate for the TMS approach, and we may be able to help set up an interview, having consulted about this in the past. This will be handled on a case by case basis.


  • Comprehensive List of media mentions of TMS: There is a list of all the media coverage of TMS that is easily accessible so journalist will be able to review previous articles written about mind body syndromes. All of the listed articles have links that provide the original content.
  • Comprehensive List of Celebrities connected to TMS: There are quite a view celebrities that have been diagnosed with TMS and have fully recovered and now live pain free. These individuals range from Howard Stern to television producer/comedian Janette Barber. There are also several celebrities, such as Dr. Oz and Jon Kabat-Zinn that support the mind body syndrome.
  • We Are The Story: A large majority of the administrators, editors, and members of the TMS Wiki are patients who experienced life with chronic pain, and are in the process of forming a 501(c)(3) organization. Our monthly budget is only $20 yet we do not let that prevent us from spreading awareness about TMS and helping others overcome chronic illnesses. The wiki is a web 2.0 organization with over 300 pages and operated on an all volunteer basis. We are happy to provide information and access to members of the press interested in covering us.