SIRPA’s Cure Pain Practitioner Training Programme

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Introductory Course → Practitioner Course → Senior Practitioner Course → Trainer

Introductory Course

This introductory course is a required first step in SIRPA’s full developmental training program which is available to regulated and insured Health Professionals (mental and physical) and coaches interested in learning to integrate this approach into their own clinical work. Although aimed at people in pain, this initial course is designed to provide health professionals and coaches with an experiential understanding of TMS/PPD and the SIRPA recovery approach.

Cure Pain Practitioner training

This next step in the training programme is the intensive five-day Practitioner course, split into a 3 day and then a 2 day block. This course combines lectures, workshops, experiential work and practical case studies which will be assessed for certification.

Cure Pain Senior Practitioner training

The Senior Practitioner course will enable SIRPA Practitioners to develop their clinical skills further and to specialize in this field. This course includes complex case studies and adult learning sets and they will be required to complete a Contribution project, adding their expertise to the field of TMS/PPD.

SIRPA trainer

For a few select individuals there is an option to take the Train the Trainer course and become a SIRPA Trainer themselves.

Additional support

Listing on the website, online resources, CPD courses, webinars, clinical supervision and peer supervision are also offered to SIRPA Practitioners to support them in their development. As well as this, additional Affiliate courses are being offered to help SIRPA Practitioners enhance their understanding in this field and develop their therapeutic skills and business acumen.

Criteria for Potential SIRPA Practitioners

The Practitioner, Senior Practitioner and Train the Trainer courses are open to medical and mental health professionals as well as life coaches and complementary therapists who have professional qualifications, have their own professional indemnity insurance, and are regulated by a respected professional body. Proof of qualification must be shown in the form of photocopies before being accepted onto the program and SIRPA has the final say as to whether an individual is accepted onto the course.

For more information, testimonials by previous participants, and how to register for this program, please visit the SIRPA Cure Pain Training Programme Website.

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