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SIRPA Ltd has been set up by Georgie Oldfield MCSP, who for the past 3 years has been running her own TMS Recovery Program (to be renamed the SIRPA Recovery Program) in the UK. Georgie not only sees patients in West Yorkshire where she's based, but also runs a monthly clinic in London and has seen patients from throughout the UK and also Europe.

Following an initial examination/diagnosis/assessment, when appropriate, the full Program may be undertaken via telephone or Skype. This 6 week Program provides tools, support and guidance for those people who need more help after following the basic advice given in the books on TMS and who need a more individualized approach.

There has been more and more demand for this work over the past year and due to the exciting results patients have experienced on Georgie's Program, she is keen to make this work more available to everyone who may benefit throughout the UK. Recent cost benefits studies were undertaken for two typical patients and combined costs for these patients were over £10,000 with little long term relief, compared with a combined total of £500 TMS Recovery costs with complete long term resolution. Studies such as these are important as a way of demonstrating the excellent results and the cost benefits that could result in this work being made available to everyone, including via the NHS in the long run.

Alongside her co-directors, including Dave Clarke MD from the US, Georgie has developed SIRPA Ltd, which will train, regulate and license medical and mental health practitioners who are keen to work in this field. The aim is to provide a well trained, regulated and respected body of professionals which will help us gain wider acceptance for this approach to chronic conditions. In time an Association will develop as a not for profit organization run for and by those people it will be there for.

SIRPA Ltd will provide ongoing support for every SIRPA Practitioner, including providing courses for their own professional development, their own integrated websites and support with business development where required. Ultimately SIRPA Ltd will provide a wide network of Practitioners for patients to choose from, with centralized webinars and forums for all patients to access.

SIRPA will also undertake ongoing research and development in order to constantly review and improve the services offered and to raise the profile of the work. Apart from developing a network of licensed SIRPA practitioners, the main aim of SIRPA Ltd is for the SIRPA Recovery Program to become accepted as a successful and respected approach to the treatment of chronic pain/illness.

For more information go to the new SIRPA UK website –

This is an original SIRPA document, sent to the wiki by Georgie Oldfield and posted with her permission.

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