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Recording affirmations can be extremely helpful in reprogramming a person's subconscious, however not to many people are aware of how to make a recording. There are two simple methods that anyone with a PC or a Mac computer can use to quickly record their affirmation script. If you have any trouble or questions about recording your affirmations post them in the thread box at the bottom of the page and a tech support guru will help you.


Every PC with windows comes standard with a program called "Sound Recorder." This program is usually under the accessories tab on the start menu. All you need is to obtain a simple microphone and plug it into your computer. As a side note some web cams come with a microphone also. Test the volume on the microphone to make sure that the sound level are appropriate. The next step is to hit the record button and read your script into the microphone. Once you are finished hit the stop recording button. After you have saved the file of your recording you can click on it at anytime and hear the affirmations.

The sound recorder software will save the recording as a wav file, which takes up a lot of space on a hard drive. Converting a wav file to an mp3 is very easy and saves a lot of room on a hard drive. Simply download a free conversion software. FlicFlac is an easy program to use and is free of charge. To find it google "FlicFlac" and save the file onto your desktop. Once you install the program you will be able to transfer files with ease. Simply click the mp3 button on FlicFlac and then drag the wav file into the program. It will transfer the affirmation recording into an mp3 in a couple of seconds, and then you will be able to play the affirmation on any mp3 player and it will take up very little space on your hard drive.


Most Macs come standard with a program called "Garage Band." It is a standard recording program that is easy to use. Like with a PC you will need to obtain a microphone and plug it into your computer. After you adjust the sound levels click on the record button and proceed to read your script into the microphone. When finished hit the stop recording button. This program will also allow the user to drag a song from their itunes library into the recording. Adjust the levels so the song does not drown out the voice. After you finish recording the affirmation you can click the "share music" button and transfer the affirmation over to your itunes and onto an ipod.

If you do not want to hassle with incorporating a music track onto your affirmation recording you can always play music in the background with another device. Transferring your track from a sound recording file to a format that will play on an ipod is relatively easy. First, burn the sound track onto a blank CD. Then import the CD onto itunes. This will transfer the track into a format that can be played on an ipod. After the track is on itunes you can simply synchronize it with your ipod, and listen to your affirmations anytime and anywhere.

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