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I have been suffering from RSI for three years now, with pain in the upper back, shoulders, arms and wrists. Standard (and alternative) treatments including physical therapy, massage and Feldenkrais have been of little benefit. I was pointed to Dr. Sarno's work (Mindbody prescription) a week ago, and am convinced I have TMS. I fit the profile and pattern, and it is the only logical explanation I have ever seen. I have seen some benefit by trying to use the approach, but I feel that to go further I need psychotherapy. I was wondering if you could recommend a psychotherapist in the San Diego area who understands TMS. The ones I have tried so far do not know about it, and also do not work towards uncovering repressed anger or emotions. Alternatively (or alongside) I'd be interested in any pointers regarding how to actually treat TMS. Should I just go ahead and start typing and ignore the pain?

Answer by Lisa Morphopoulos, LCSW

Lisa Morphopoulos, LCSW

Here are a few suggestions that mighthelp you in your search for a TMS psychotherapist in the San Diego area:

  • Call Dr. Sarno's office and ask his office manager, Mary, if they know of any TMS therapists in your area(or a doctor who can refer you to a therapist). They can be very helpful referring people to outside sources. (212)263-6035
  • Call any center that treats psychosomatic disorders (for example the Rosen Body Method http://www.rosenmethod.org/), and see if they can refer you to a psychotherapist who hasa mindbody approach.
  • Look for a therapist who works psychoanalytically, such as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, or a Modern Freudian analyst.
  • You can usually have a brief (10-15min.) free initial interview with a therapist in person or on the phone. See if they would be willing to read the Mindbody Prescription, or at least read the sections of the book that speak to you the most. Shop around.
  • Consider phone sessions orSkypewith a TMS therapist out of your area until you have a better understanding of the condition and can self-regulate.
  • Do the Presence Process by Michael Brown. It's a book that offers a 10 week strategy for self-initiated therapy.

Hope this helps, Lisa


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I too live in San Diego and have pain in my scapula that must be TMS. But since I haven't been able to eliminate it, I am interested in therapy. On 2013-02-01, I called Dr. John Sarno's office at 212-263-6035, but a recording said that he was retired and forwarded me to Dr. Ira Rashbaum's office at 212-263-6477. I pressed 0 to speak with a receptionist. She seemed relatively uneducated and extremely unhelpful. She said that Dr. Rashbaum is the only one who knows TMS and that whenever people like me call to ask if he knows anyone else who knows about TMS in some other geographical area, she just has to tell him "No, he doesn't know anyone, and he doesn't know any resources to direct you to, so maybe you should just Google it." I was shocked at how unconcerned and unhelpful she was being, so I tried to ask a few more questions to try to get some sort of recommendation for me and others who live in the San Diego area, but she just said "I know that Vince Vaughn flew out here from LA to see him. Even *he* had to make the trip. So I don't know what you want to do. I'm trying to tell you that there is no one else, but maybe you could just Google it." So, no thanks to the team at NYU. Anyone at tmswiki.org have any recommendations? - rwhal06@gmail.com