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Is there such a thing as exercised induced TMS? If I don't do anything for a couple of weeks I have no symptoms of back pain and sciatica . However, whenever I start to do anything my symptoms flare up and I get frustrated because I want to be active, but I'm afraid that I am doing more damage to my back by exercising. I should let you know that I have been previously diagnosed with a slightly bulging disc at L5-S1 which "may or may not be causing my symptoms" Any help is much appreciated.

Answer by Audrey Berdeski, DC

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Excellent question. When thinking about exercise flaring up back pain and sciatica, keep in mind that you need to begin to think psychologically about the pain. The unconscious mind has programmed a "trigger" that will begin the pain. Your trigger may be exercise. Journaling and talking to your unconscious mind, letting it know you are no longer going to let it control you in this way, is the start. These triggers are from the unconscious.

Your fear of pain, physical activity, or spinal abnormality, Dr. Sarno says, is enough to keep the TMS around, even in the absence of pain. Start some dialogue with your unconscious about the fears you have in order to get your attention off of your body and the pain; of course you want the pain to stop, therefore you need to address your fears straightforwardly by talking to your unconscious mind to let it know you will not be controlled in this way.


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