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Dr. Sarno with the physical book of Thank You letters

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Thank You, Dr. Sarno Project. This project began in April of 2012 with creating a website and a physical scrapbook of over 60 individual Thank You letters to give to Dr. Sarno on his retirement in May.

Since his retirement, we have continued to receive submissions to the project, which are posted at According to Dr. Sarno's New York Times obituary, the good doctor kept the book on his living room table.

If your life was touched by Dr. Sarno's work, you are invited to be part of the project by emailing a message and a picture to The goal is to provide researchers, journalists, the public, and his family with a lasting testament to all of the lives that he changed. Contributions will generally be posted at the project's web site and may be used in other projects of this nonprofit. Therefore, if you wish to sign the message, we strongly encourage you to use a pseudonym or your first name only, as this project will also be placed online to serve as a reference in the future.

The Thank You message is designed to be a brief message expressing how Dr. Sarno's work has changed your life. There are no rules, but it should come from the heart and tell the reader a little bit about your life and how Dr. Sarno's work touched it.

If you don't feel comfortable submitting an image, that is fine, but if you do feel comfortable sending one, they really add a lot. It's one thing to see a collection of words on a page, but when you see a picture of the real person behind it, you know that this great man touched many lives. Consider sending a photo of you doing something that gives you joy, perhaps something that symbolizes the freedom that you regained because of Dr. Sarno's work.

Thank you for your support. Let's build a tribute worthy of the man who helped so many of us.

This project is currently maintained by Forest, who also maintains this wiki and the associated support and discussion Forum.

View the project at

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