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The following essay is written by PRCalDude: (Actually it isn't; it's written by Forest, who is just putting it up to show PRCD how easy it is to put something up.)

I keep learning more about TMS from my own personal experiences. The websites on redirecting self-therapy have been the most helpful. Basically, an interpretation of Sarno is needed for a lot of people. A lot of people have underlying mental illnesses that frustrate the process of getting well from TMS. Basically, I had anxiety/depression because of underlying anger issues and only after I started dealing with those through the redirecting self-therapy have I begun to really heal from the pain issues.

Schechter and Sarno like to say that you don't have to change yourself at all to get well, but I think this is untrue. I've also heard that two of Schechter's therapists advocate that you either learn to "love yourself" (Don Dubin says this), or that you need to learn to deal with the mental problems before you can get well.

Anxiety and depression are, of course, TMS equivalents, but they can't be defeated in the same way as regular TMS pain can.

If this approach resonates with you you, you may find the following two websites helpful in your healing:

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