Obfuscating Email Addresses

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A note about email addresses on the TMS Wiki:

You have probably noticed that most of the email addresses listed on the wiki don't look much like email addresses at all. They contain spaces, and most noticeably, they are missing the signature "@" sign.

For example, on the TMS Wiki, the email address abc123@somemail.com appears as "abc 123 at some mail dot com".

As you can see, spaces have been added to break apart the text, and the symbols ("@" and ".") are written as words ("at" and "dot"). This process is referred to as"obfuscating" the email address.

Why do we obfuscate email addresses?

The email harvesters (spambots) used by spammers scan web pages looking for email addresses to add to their spam mailing lists. Obfuscating an address obscures or scrambles its characters, making it harder for a harvester to recognize.

How do I unobfuscate an email address?

  1. Remove all spaces
  2. Look for keywords like "at" and "dot" and change these to the symbols "@" and "."

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