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An image of Practitioner Nancy Selfridge
Practitioner Nancy Selfridge

Dr. Nancy Selfridge began suffering from Fibromyaliga and a variety of chronic symptoms including back pain, fatigue and irritable bowel syndrome, since she was in medical school during the late 1970s. Her symptoms limited the amount of work she could do, and prevented her from practicing in obstetrics. After reading The Mindbody Prescription, by Dr. John Sarno, Selfridge began journaling and quickly saw relieve from her symptoms. She began to telling her patients about the TMS approach, and she soon acquired a reputation for curing people of Fibromyalgia. In 2001, Dr. Selfridge took her knowledge about TMS and Fibromyalgia and wrote the book Freedom From Fibromyalgia, with Franklynn Peterson.

Dr. Selfridge has been board certified in holistic medicine since 2003. She currently works for the Group Health Cooperative as the chief of the Complementary Medicine Center at the Sauk Trails Clinic, which opened in January 2005. After 25 years in private practice, Selfridge left her practice in June 2005 to focus on the Complementary Medicine Center. Dr. Selfridge is an avid bicyclist, routinely riding 90 miles once a week, and she has two daughters.

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