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In this update Monte urges us to realize that we have the power to heal ourselves. He suggests that TMSers all too often seek the answer to their pain in a book, video, doctor's visit, or even thinking about a past event. Monte argues that in doing this we are not taking responsibility for our treatment, but trying to be healed by other things. His suggestion on how to be cured is for us to put down the book and begin to focus on our lives and begin to do the work. Healing begins and ends with our commitment to the work.

This update raises some interesting questions. Primarily, can the search for past triggers and repressed emotions be preventing us from recovery? Can reading books about TMS hamper our ability to heal? Can journaling and mediation prevent us from overcoming TMS?

Lastly, I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on ways in which they took responsibility over there treatment, and if they found this approach successful?

Monte Hueftle Update – June 23rd – Part 1 of 2

Hello Everyone,

Do you have the power to create health or create a healing experience?

Yes, you absolutely do.

So if we do have this power, where are we going wrong? Why are you not healing from this chronic physical pain disorder? Does it mean that some of us can and some can't?

No, it doesn't.

First, understand that reversing this pain disorder is not wishful thinking and it is not intellectually “getting it”. Each of us has the power to create health and heal from this disorder but realize that creating health is a disciplined art and most of us have very undisciplined minds when it comes to changing thought and behavior patterns.

It is not our body that is out of alignment, it is our guidance or internal navigation system that is! This is a chronic physical pain disorder caused by our daily chronic behavior and thought patterns. If you are under the guidance that you can simply read a book or have someone tap on you to reverse this pain disorder, without you doing anything to change, you are in wishful thinking. If you are under the belief that you must find a repressed event from 30 years ago in order to rid your body of pain, your internal guidance system is misaligned and misinformed.

You do have the power to create health and reverse this disorder! So what does it take?

1. Pay attention and accept your intuitive data. You know when you are becoming stressed. You know when you are losing energy to someone or to a situation—a stressful personal relationship or a stressful business relationship, or stressful financial situation. You know when you are holding in feeling stuff that you should be allowing out. You may not want to know it or admit it but you know it.

2. To access the power needed to create the reversal of this pain disorder you must fully accept that you are creating inner tension and holding it in and you must be willing to change. People will say to me that I am lucky to be pain free after having TMS for so long. Or they will say that I was lucky that I didn't have really deeply repressed emotions. Let me tell you, I am not lucky. I am ferociously disciplined and I use this discipline to manage my thoughts and behaviors and my healing requirements. When I chose to learn and incorporate power yoga, it was 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week for years. I, being a closed-off person, forced myself to openly journal 3-4x per week. I made a painful list of 6 personal qualities that I habitually engaged in that caused me inner tension and then set out and learned the why, when and how they occurred in my life. Next I watched myself intently so that I could as often as possible catch myself in the act, so that I could “in the moment” redirect out of these patterns. This didn't all happen in days and weeks, it was months and years.

What I am describing is not luck and it is not wishful thinking. It is knowing what you want, knowing that it is possible and then having the discipline to stay with it. Most people will not do this or know that they have to do this. The difference between reversing this pain disorder and in being stuck in pain is discipline and the willingness to do what is needed to change.

Everyone wants to be pain-free but they don't want to change. They don't want it to cost them anything so they sabotage themselves. How do they do that? Why do they do that? Do you know how you sabotage yourself? I'll tell you. You go to a doctor to fix you. You get treatments to cure you. You read a book hoping to get it. And re-read it hoping it sinks in. You go to a therapist so that they can find your repressed memories. You do all of these things wanting your world and everyone in it to change, wanting someone or thing to fix you, as long as you don't have to change or work to hard. So now, when you hear this very profound truth, “You have the power to create”, it doesn't seem to work for you!

Get out of thosebeliefs and sabotage thinking patterns and begin to trust yourself. Accept that you are creating your inner tension. Be willing to do what is required to change and reverse this disorder.

Experience that being furiously disciplined is not a gift, it is an ability. One that we all have available to us!

I hope that I have your attention. I am giving you the secrets to access your power to reverse this pain disorder permanently. This is the silver bullet that many of you are searching for. First, understand that this power to create is measured in tiny threads. It is not this big, huge do this one thing and you will have unlimited power to create anything you want. It is not! The power to create is measured in our daily moment to moment threads of being.

Are you with me here? You have the power to create and you have the discipline to stay with it and see it through. Your power to create begins when you receive your instructions.

A. Change the way you think.

B. Change the way you deal with people.

C. Change the way you deal with yourself.

Continued next week…

Stay the course,

Monte Hueftle

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