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I tend to think that whenever emotions are repressed, they can rise to the surface in interesting or unusual ways. Our actions, thoughts, and language can be affected by certain emotions that we are trying to hide from. In this update Monte tells the story of one person who felt the need to hold on to a rail because she was holding on to her repressed emotions. Monte's story shows that understanding our actions (holding on to a rail when going up stairs) and thoughts (I need to hold on) will give us great insight in uncovering the repressed emotions we have thus help in overcoming TMS/PPD. As I read this I wonder if anyone else had a similar story? Has anyone else been helped by realizing their own language and intuitive guidance? How can realizing this help people recover? Can we even use this as a lesson to overcome TMS or does the fact that it includes an "A-HA moment" make it an unrealistic example.

Hello Everyone,

In this update we have someheavy therapystuff to tell you about, a crazy plantar facisiitis story and I am introducing you to the Three-Pronged TMS Attack.

What are you holding on to or you may ask what are you afraid to let go of? Genuinely think about this—journal about it!

This is a true story aboutlanguage and intuitive guidance.In a consultation yesterday a person told me about a good friend always telling them that they just needed to let go, just let go and accept where you are she was told. Next, this person, I'll call Mary, proceeded to tell me 3 stories in a span of 30 minutes about how it was very difficult for her to walk up steps. In each story she stated how frustrating and potentially embarrassing it would be if she didn't have a rail or bar to hold on to. Finally, I asked Mary what she was holding on to in her life. What are you really holding on to or maybe I should ask you what are you afraid of letting go of? After a few minutes of superficial answers Mary blurted out “I am holding on to my self-hatred, I hate my body, I hate that I was born this way”. I asked Mary what would happen if she let go of this hatred, which she immediately answered, “I would be humiliated, I hate my body and I am afraid of being humiliated”.Mary's work is just beginning as she acknowledged she needed to work on forgiving herself and others and to go ahead and be humiliated if necessary as she learns to experience her fears. One of the fascinating insights from Mary's session was the realization that she was receiving guidance from her friend in the words of “just let go” and she was also receiving the exact same guidance in her own language of “I need to hold on”.

--Remember that guidance is always with you.

Crazy Plantar Facisiitis:A friend of mine who is well acclimated with TMS and a running partner was becoming increasingly annoyed with his arch soreness. He decided to really massage out the soreness before it turned into something worse. After a strong 15 minutes of massage he got up and started walking with a suddenly, very painful heel. Long story – short, my friend decided that this was not TMS.It couldn't be he justified, since he himself induced the pain with his own self-massage. He spent the next four months with tennis and golf ball therapy, heel pads, foot ice baths, special calf and arch stretches and anti-inflammatory. The pain was slowly getting more manageable; he was running okay and making progress as the pain sensations moved away from the heel and into the forefoot. About a month ago we were preparing for our long Sunday run and he informed me that he decided to treat his foot pain as TMS. He finally came to the conclusion that this silly, frustrating foot pain would not hang around for months, move locations and be worse after a few days off than it was when he was running everyday. He stopped all treatments, had a big conversation with himself and went 100% Think Psychological. He completed our 15 mile run and said he felt okay and vowed no ice, no massage and no special stretching. Within 10 days he went from not being able to walk barefoot on a hard surface to running and jumping up and down on his bare feet.This is a crazy disorder that never ceases to amaze.

The 3-Pronged TMS Attackor you may choose to call it the kindler, gentler 3-Pronged TMS Therapy Approach.

I know it as the most efficient and comprehensive way to reverse TMS that gives you the best opportunity to heal while not getting stuck!

1.Think Psychological- You must start here! We all should know what this means total acceptance, stop all "fix-it" treatments and resume normal activities. Don't be casual here...this is a big, huge deal. You screw this part up and you are stuck with no way out.

2.Think Clean- Identify how you are generating inner tension and repressing emotional energy and transform it, change it. Redirect out of the old patterns and into new clean patterns. Are you open or closed-off, flexible or tight, balanced or scattered? Really think about this as it pertains to your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and actions and then make changes. Remember awareness that you are generating inner tension doesn't change anything.

3.Alternative Therapy- Journaling,guided imagery, daily waking-working mindfulness, root lock, hypnosis,yoga, personal consultation or session with therapist and prayer. Engage in something or someone to help bringopenness, balance, alignment, hope, and guidance into your life.

The key here is toengage in all threeof these practices. Each are communicating to a different part of this disorder and effecting positive transformation in a different way. There is a lot more information to expand on in the 3-pronged approach. To be continued in the next update. The holidays are coming and the 3-pronged attack may be needed!

Stay the course,

Monte Hueftle

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