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One of the most important things to do to recover is to recognize what your triggers are. In this update, Monte gives several tips on how to recognize our thoughts and feelings towards different aspects of our lives. He also suggests that we should rate how much energy we spend on them. I see a lot of journaling and affirmation techniques in his exercise. I was wondering how important recognizing what you spend your energy on is in order to recover. Also, what steps did you take to realize how much time you spent worrying? Lastly, what steps did you take to stop obsessing over your pain and treatment? Is it possible to obsess too much over your treatment, i.e. journaling, reading TMS books, and how can that prevent you from recovering.

Monte Hueftle – Update June 10th

Hello Everyone,

Do you know where your thought energy is going everyday? How much is productive (available to help you heal) and how much is wasted (creating inner tension/pain and not available to help you)!

Old chronic thought patterns are creating inner tension, repressing emotional energy and this is being manifested into pain and other symptoms. Do you have any idea how much energy you are losing!

Thought energy that is in the past, in worry, controlling, anger, being self-conscious, pleasing people and future searching is wasted energy. It is energy that could be re-directed into the present and used to help heal and reverse thispain disorder.

Thinking Psychologically helps us redirect out of the pain strategy by taking our thoughts away from the physical thinking and into the psychological cause. Realize that this is a redirection of thought energy. Thinking Clean is where we deliberately and consciously take this new, available energy and redirect it into thoughts and behaviors that are more open, more allowing and less restrictive and closed-off.

Try this exercise. It is an awesome way to become acutely aware of where you are wasting energy or having it depleted from you. Thisalso means becoming aware ofhow you are creating inner tension which is manifesting into chronic soreness, spasms, pain and other tms symptoms. Begin to interpret any physical symptom as a signal that you are losing energy.

Draw a Stick Man. This stick-man is You. Draw a line out from the body (This is a thought energy circuit) Label this circuit "Work". How much of your energy do you spend on your work life? Maybe you say 40%. Of this 40% how much is productive energy and how much is (worry, controlling, being self-conscious, striving). For an example, you decide 20% is productive work focus and 20% is wastedin the chronic thought patterns. Note the 20% that is being wasted.

Now be even more specific. Draw a line out from the body to a specific person that holds a lot of your attention. Is the energy focused on this person positive/uplifting or is it depleting you (you are holding onto anger or trying to control or please this person)? Again note the % of energy being depleted from you.

Draw another energy circuit and label this one - Pain Disorder. How much of your day is spent focusing on the pain, what is wrong, how will I fix it, who will fix it, am I getting better, when will I get better, what if I don't get better. The % you put here is 100% wasted energy. In these physical pain disorders this means you are being distracted and the pain disorder has you. You are stuck and in the pain cycle and it will not let you go.

Continue this exercise. Go through yourpersonal relationships, work life, financial life, past life (areas where you are holding onto anger or resentment or guilt), future life (areas where you are holding onto "when I get the perfect job, enough money, the right significant other). Note has much wasted, tension generating thought energy you are spending in each of these areas. This is really powerful emotional/mental awareness that you can soon use to help you reverse this pain disorder.

Now you know how much energy you are wasting or is being depleted from you. Even more significant, you also know how much energy you could have available to you. All of this wasted thought energy that is creating pain can be re-directed into thought energy that opens you up and begins to reverse this pain disorder.

You must begin to make this correlation. Restricting, repressing and closed-off thoughts = a body that is closed-off, stiff and in pain. Open and allowing thoughts/attitudes = a body that is open, flexible and aligned.

Here is a super-quick and effective way to image the wasted energy coming back to you. Let's say you become aware that you are in your people pleasing or worry modes. Image the circuit of energy connected to that person or thing where your thoughts are focused. Now, state your mantra, "I know longer waste my energy on you" and imageyourself pullinga lever or flipping a switch and turning that circuit off. Image all of that energy coming back to you. Now deliberately and consciously redirect that thought energy into a thought that is more open and allowing. This is your work and you can do it and you will be rewarded.

Stay the course,

Monte Hueftle

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