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In this update Monte discusses the need to fully commit to TMS treatment, and discourages people to just give it a half-hearted try. He argues that getting better requires a person to stop thinking about the outcome, but instead focus on the work. Do you agree with this? What kind of problems can arise if a person focuses too much on the outcome? Monte also suggests that identifying our emotions and feeling it in our body is not going to stop our symptoms. Do you agree with this or is feeling our emotions part of ending our repressive tendencies? Lastly Monte briefly mentions that pain symptoms increase when people have a big event coming up. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to do in these situations. How can we avoid flare-ups when we have the inevitable big or stressful event/situation arise?

Monte Hueftle Update – September 23rd

Hello Everyone,

  • Earnest Practice-What am I feeling dilemma- Strategy for the big, huge event*

Practicing in earnest- This is practice with apurposeful and sincere intent, which is quite different than,I'll try this and see if it works.

Always keep at top of mind that this is a chronic,physical pain disordercaused by our daily, moment-to-moment, chronic behaviors and thoughts. These chronic behaviors and thoughts are doing two things: 1)Generatinginner tension 2)Repressingemotional energy.In each case our nervous system is responding to the over-stimulation by initiating pain symptoms and other mindbody symptoms.

In healing from physical pain and other symptoms caused by psychological factors we are encouraged to engage in earnest practice that will help totrainour mind to be less distracted, deliberately choose more open, allowing and flexible thoughts, attitudes and behaviors and to become more mindful more of the time. Each of these practicescommunicatesbalance, alignment, and openness to our nervous system. Our nervous system responds by communicating these qualities throughout our system automatically andwithoutour intervention.

Check yourself regularly and investigate how earnest you are in your practice. This means have a meeting with yourself and do a genuine, detailed inquiry into how sincere you are being in your practice. Are you reading books, message boarding and thinking about healing or are you genuinely invested in earnest practice of reversing this disorder? When you can be inThink Psychological,Think CleanandThe Root Lockpractices with pure, authentic purpose and leave anyattachment to the outcomebehind, you are bringing the best of you to healing this disorder in every moment and you are effecting positive change.

Think Psychological- Disables the pain (distraction) strategy by allowing your energy (thoughts) to address the cause and not get lost (lose energy) in the effects.

Think Clean- Redirects you out of the generation of inner tension and Stops the repression of emotional energy. It also begins the process of building new chronic patterns that are more open, flexible and allowing than your old ones. Root Lock- is a mindful energetic upliftment of energy. It communicates openness, balance and alignment to the nervous system and releases tension stored in your system. This practice helps you get out of the thinking stuff and begins to build mindful conditioning traits in many areas of your life.

What am I feeling?

The statement that I hear most often in emails, letters and consultations is:I feel a pain symptom and I begin to Think Psychological and I ask myself what am I feeling now, I try to be with the feeling and then I try to identify what I am feeling...this doesn't seem to help and I can't identify the emotion.

Understand that most of the time when you are in this type of situation you are not going to be able to identify the emotion and diffuse it by being with it. Your mind is a trickster in these situations and will tell you anything to keep you distracted and it really doesn't matter what you label the emotion anyway. Also being with an emotion and trying to feel it in your body and label it is not going to release or un-repress your energy. Try this instead. Use your Think Psychological question. The purpose of this question is to genuinely investigate how you are being while not being distracted by the physical symptoms. You want to identify what you are thinking and how you are being. This is what is causing you to feel whatever it is you are feeling.It's possible you were not in a chronic pattern at all, yet you still just gotzingedwith a pain symptom. You stillThink Psychologicalbut this time your response is,I know what is going on here, I not being distracted, I don't need you anymoreand now forget it, get the heck out of there and intoThink Cleanor into being present in whatever it is you are doing.Your intention is to not be distracted (in the strategy), to not be generating inner tension and instead communicating openness, flexibility and allowing with your Think Clean practice. As I have stated many times…there is a time and place for investigating repressed issues, however, trying to do that in your daily moment-to-moment living is not the time, so don’t getstuckin this moment!

Upcoming big, huge event symptoms

How many of you have a big marathon or other event coming up in the next few days, weeks or months? It isreally commonin this disorder to get new pain sensations or other symptoms (digestion, headaches, rashes, etc) in the days leading up to your event. Do not let this disorder get you distracted and focused on the body and what is wrong and into treatments that have you even more focused on the body.Be aware so that you know when this is happening and confidently state to the disorder,I know what is going on here, you are not fooling me or distracting me, get out of here, I don’t need you.Now get out of any physical focus and totally ignore your new symptom.Your100% acceptanceandconfident communicationfollowed by yournot-being distractedwill effectively diffuse the symptom.

Stay the course,

Monte Hueftle