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In this update Monte talks about how we can take charge of our treatment. I talked at length about what may be preventing or holding us back from being healed. Primarily he discussed why we fear being healed.

I was wondering what other people thought about this. What are some of your fears about being healed? If you have recovered from your symptoms maybe you could explain how you overcame your fears. Monte urges us to tell people how their actions make us feel. I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on the first time they expressed their feelings to someone, even though they wanted to repress their emotions. What are some tips we can use to express ourselves without damaging personal or professional relationships?.

June 30th update Part 2 of 2

You have the power to create and you have the discipline to stay with it and see it through. Your power to create begins when you receive your instructions.

A. Change the way you think.
B. Change the way you deal with people.
C. Change the way you deal with yourself.

My hope is that you can understand, accept and begin to implement a very profound truth. Change is Power.

Our work is to take this power of change and run it through the whole of our life. What does that mean?

It means that if you are predominantly a self-conscious, people pleasing worrier, and this is how you generate loads of inner tension, you must begin to change these behavior and thought patterns to new ones that are more open and allowing.

It means if you are close-off and holding most of your emotional stuff inside that you must begin to open up and experience your life situations while not holding this stuff inside.

It means if you are still thinking that a physical specialist or treatment is going to fix you and end your pain, you must begin to change that belief or you will forever be trapped by the distraction strategy of this disorder.

What is stopping or holding us back from implementing these changes? Fear, fear has you paralyzed. It is the fear of change, the fear of being humiliated, the fear that someone will not approve of you and the fear that you will fail. What do we do? We must face these fears. How do we do that? We have to be willing to go into the unknown. We have to experience our life situations without our old chronic mental and behavior repression patterns interfering. That requires change, facing our fears and experiencing the unknown. Are you willing to do these requirements to become pain-free? The difference between reversing this pain disorder and being stuck in pain is discipline and the willingness to do what is needed to change.

Use your discipline to go inside yourselves and find, discover what you really really want. You can't just say, "I want to feel good or I want to be healthy". What are the ingredients of you being healthy? What are you going to be doing when you feel really, really awesome. What kind of phenomenal thoughts will you have? What kind of attitudes are you exuding? What kind of personal changes are you going to have to make to experience this type of healing?

Now put this into words. I want you to language this. These are going to become your mantras when you are thinking psychologically and thinking clean. These words begin to put energy into motion. This is the opposite of being stuck. You are keeping things moving. you have decided what you want (health) and now you have communicated this (mantra). Now is your transformational opportunity. Pay attention here because this is where you will sabotage yourself. This is where your excuses or old chronic (repression) patterns will pop up and keep you from experiencing this powerful changing event.

Are you with me here? When you make the decision to really start thinking psychologically or when you make the conscious choice to identify your 3 biggest inner tension generating traits or when you decide to start journaling in earnest or begin a power yoga class, instantaneously your saboteur or the excuse part of you will arise. This is your big, huge moment. This is where your ability to be present and aware along with your willingness to change and the discipline to persist will pay off for you.

Let's take this down to ground level. You know that you really want to change the way you deal with your emotions. You know that you hold stuff inside. You have made the decision to change and now you hear that familiar voice, "it's not that big of a deal, don't say anything, you can handle it, it will just make things worse if you tell them how you feel". Now is when you summon your power to create and you deliberately change from your old chronic patterns. You stay right where you are but you shut off the old voice and you face the fear of opening yourself up, "I want you to know how what you just said makes me feel, I feel..." and there you go. You just opened up, allowed yourself to express your feelings and communicated this openness to your nervous system instead of communicating restriction by holding it in. This is the power of change in action. Our power to create health is in our ability to change while we are experiencing the threads of our daily life. This is a daily living discipline that is our choice to always keep in motion.

Trust your intuitive self a little more. Be open to change. Allow yourself to experience being more open.

Your power to create health and reverse this pain disorder is in your ability to change!

Stay the course,

Monte Hueftle

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