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In this update, by Monte Hueftle, it is suggested that our nervous systems are conditioned, by our learned thought process, to create pain in our bodies. Monte suggests that the only way to truly heal is by shifting our thought patterns from closed-off ones, to a more open thought pattern. In doing so, we can learn to change the way our nervous system reacts to stress and trauma. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to shift the way you respond to stressful situations. Also, do we really need to change how we think in order to get better? Lastly, how has recovering from TMS/PPD changed the way you view, your life, career, or personal relationships?

One last thing I found a lot similarities between this update and Dr. Howard Schubiner's book, Unlearn Your Pain.

Monte Hueftle Update October 7th

Hello Everyone,

Do you believe that the energy you are giving out through your thoughts and behaviors is in alignment with what you desire to experience in your physical body?

Genuinely give this question your honest evaluation. Are the ways that you are thinking and behaving a match with the way you want your body to feel? Can you even tell?

Remember, TMS or inner-stress induced pain is a chronic pain (and other nervous system symptoms) disorder that is caused by our behavior and thought patterns. Our behaviors and thoughts are doing two big huge things: 1. Generating tension that is being communicated to our nervous system and then manifesting into pain and other symptoms. 2. Repressing emotional energy (emotions) that is also being communicated to our nervous system and then manifesting into pain and other symptoms.

How can you tell if your behavior/thought patterns are a match with how you desire your body to be/feel? You are living it right now! If you are walking around in a body that is chronically stiff and sore for example, you are providing your nervous system, through your thoughts and behaviors chronically tight or closed-off energy. If you experience spasms, constant back pain, occasional sciatica, digestive problems, or other symptoms from having a nervous system being over-stimulated with inner stress/tension, you are living the effects of the thought and behavior energy that you are putting/giving out on a daily basis.

Over time, and for most of us experiencing this physical pain disorder we have been offering our chronic (by chronic I simply mean a regular or consistent) thought/behaviors patterns for 5-10-15-30 years and more. This is why in many cases nothing really changes in the symptoms we are experiencing. Sure we get rid of a symptom here or there only to have it replaced by another one that now occupies our attention. I hear quite often from you, “I have had a really good few days/weeks of thinking and behaving, I'm not stressed about anything big and then I get this pain attack, why”.

One of the most important things that I want you to really get about this disorder is that; this is a chronic physical symptom disorder that is caused by our chronic patterns of being. If we have been in a consistent pattern of over-stimulating our nervous system with inner tension for the past 5, 10, 20, or 30 years, we have conditioned our nervous system to respond and react in a consistent pattern as well. So, if throughout our 16 waking hours each day we have 90% of our energy in: pleasing other people, being self-conscious, worrying, striving or grasping, competing, revisiting past issues, holding stuff inside, wondering what is wrong, doubting that what you are doing is working, analyzing yourself and others, complaining and comparing; we have given our nervous system so much tightness, closed-off-ness, fear and other similar energy that it is now in a chronic, over-stimulated state of being. How does a chronically, over-stimulated nervous system behave? In a restricted, closed-off, non-allowing, inflexible and unbalanced way. It restricts blood flow and your body experiences what happens when cells, organs, muscles, nerves and other systems (endocrine, immune) do not receive a sufficient flow of oxygen.

Your life experience, in this case your body, is telling you that you cannot keep offering/giving/providing/generating the same closed-off, tight, unbalanced, non-allowing energy (your thoughts/behaviors) and expect the symptom effects to change. There is nothing wrong here in this experience. When you are open in thought your body is open. When you are aligned in a flexible attitude your body is flexible. When you are tight and closed-off your body system is tight and closed-off. Understand that we can and do reverse this disorder. Realize that you may not always change 10 years of nervous system over-stimulation in 1 day, or 2 weeks or 3 months. You absolutely can begin to reverse this disorder and create new chronic patterns that create new conditions.

Begin to incorporate The Master Practice into your day as a lifestyle and not as a treatment. This is a way of being not a way of fixing something that is wrong. This shift in attitude will make the changes taking place more efficient and the work involved to make these changes less challenging.

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