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/* CSS placed here will override default settings of the Vector skin. A "skin" 
determines the look and feel of the entire wiki. The "Vector" skin is the skin 
used by Wikipedia and all of it's sister wikis. It is the culmination of the 
"Wikipedia Usability Initiative," a series of studies funded by a $890,000 grant 
from the Stanton Foundation to improve Wikipedia's accessibility. Because it is 
highly optimized already, it is not recommended to edit this file unless the TMS 
Wiki's needs differ from Wikipedia's.

h2.simple {
   padding-top: 0em;
   padding-bottom: 0em;
   border-style: none;

/* Forest: Without this override, the padding-bottom is set to 1.5, and that is far too big. */
div#mw-panel div.portal {
    padding-bottom: 0.6em;

/* To remove the toolbox */
#p-tb { display: none; }