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HilaryN runs an informal discussion group in London. If you're interested in meeting up with other TMS-ers, (recovered and recovering) or want to chat via email, contact me by starting a conversation my profile page. You can also email me on hilaryn @

Next meeting will be on Sunday, 27th May 2012 at 3pm Southbank Royal Festival Hall cafe

Contact me if you're interested in coming to a meetup. (HilaryN).

  • Next provisional date is:
  • Sunday 29th July 2012


Previous meetups:

The September 2010 meetup was attended by Mo, Philip, Evelyn and myself (HilaryN): 2 people in the process of recovering from TMS and 2 people who have recovered from TMS. Evelyn and I agreed that the main thing which worked for us was challenging the pain and “getting tough” with it: telling it that we weren't going to put up with it as we knew that it was just a distraction; that the pain wasn't structurally caused, but psychologically caused. The important point with this is to be persistent and not to give up if the pain doesn't disappear straight away.

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