The Warrior Mind

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By Jim Pritchard's main page on the book

Stu, an audience member at one of the TMS Wiki's live success story panels, emailed the following review to HilaryN:

"...takes you through evolving inner strength through his use of "6 energies" developed from his Martial Arts background, It's written in a very humane way, by that I mean it's not all tough martial arts stuff, but just the mind-set of it! His mantra THOUGHT + MOTION = NO ROOM FOR FEAR! is a powerful one!" Customer Reviews

An Amazon Customer said:

Essentially, The Warrior Mind teaches the reader a whole different way to look at any given situation. Often, we become frozen with the what ifs and the might happens when faced with situations in both our personal and professional lives. This unhealthy behaviour limits our potential and takes away our personal power. However, if we allow ourselves to actually view the situation or the problem and seek various solutions, we can not only get through difficult times but sometimes even manage to turn them into possibilities.

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