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Dr. James Rochelle is an orthopedic surgeon who also practices mind body medicine. In 1978, Dr. Rochelle graduated from Creighton Medical School and completed a general surgical internship at Southern Illinois School of Medicine. Rochelle followed this internship up with a four-year orthopedic residency at Hamot Medical Center at Erie, Pennsylvania. In 1984 he continued his training at the A.I. duPont Institute in Wilmington, Delaware, in which he held a fellowship in pediatric orthopedics. Currently, Dr. Rochelle has a private practice in Mena, Arkansas. He routinely sees patients with fractures, sports injuries, workers' compensation and personal injury problems, along with seeing patients with chronic low back and neck pain. In the book The Divided Mind John Sarno said "To have a full-fledged orthopedic surgeon practicing mindbody medicine and contributing to this volume is as exhilarating as it is unusual."

When he first started his practice Dr. Rochelle commonly referred patients to pain specialists who used conventional medical practices such as therapeutic injections and steroids. Upon follow-up he found that none of his patients with chronic pain were permanently relieved of their symptoms through these techniques. This frustration led him to no longer wanting to refer patients to treatments that did not work. Dr. Rochelle first learned of TMS by reading Andrew Weil's Natural Health, Natural Medicine. Upon reading The Mindbody Prescription, Rochelle was struck by Dr. Sarno's discussion of ulcers. In order to learn more about TMS, Dr. Rochelle met with Dr. Sarno in his New York office in January of 2002, and accompanied Sarno on five of his new patient office visits for two days. This meeting helped Rochelle understand TMS, and learn how to incorporate it into his own practice. Dr. Rochelle contributed a chapter to The Divided Mind, entitled "My Perspective on Psychosomatic Medicine."

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Orthopedic Surgery
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