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Dr. Ira Rashbaum is a Clinical Professor of Rehabilitative Medicine at the New York University School of Medicine and an attending physiatrist at the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine in New York City. He graduated from SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse in 1989, and completed his residency training at the New York University Rusk Institute in physical medicine and rehabilitation from 1990-1993. He is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, and also the Chief of Stroke Rehabilitation at Rusk [1].

Dr. Rashbaum has been treating TMS patients since he first began to practice medicine in 1993. His training in TMS began under Dr. John Sarno in 1992 during his second year of residency. Rashbaum has stated "I think I have had more direct exposure to Dr. Sarno than any other TMS physician in the world." In his treatment of TMS, Rashbaum gives two lectures to his patients, the first on the anatomy/physiology/medical matters, and a second on the psychological and treatment aspects. Unlike Dr. Sarno who gives lectures to groups, Dr. Rashbaum prefers to give his lectures individually. Along with working with Dr. Sarno, Rashbaum published one journal article with him entitled Psychosomatic concepts in chronic pain. He also contributed a chapter in The Divided Mind, called "My Experience with Tension Myositis Syndrome."[2]


  2. Sarno, John. The Divided Mind. Harper Publishing: New York, 2006. Pgs 228-240

Research Abstracts

Psychosomatic Concepts in Chronic Pain

Rashbaum Ira, Sarno John

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2003. Volume 84, Supplement 1 Pages S76-S80. Abstract


There are a wide range of obstacles and issues that make treating chronic pain difficult for physicians. One of the major problems tends to be the occasional lack of correlation between a patient's chronic pain and the test results. This study reviews these problems and investigates if there is a more effective and less expensive way to treat chronic back pain. The study includes an exploration into the effectiveness of the mind-body approach, along with TMS therapy, at treating chronic pain. This study is led by two of the most influential TMS practitioners and explores TMS treatments to standardized medical treatment for chronic pain. (Source)

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