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Finding a doctor to treat your TMS/PPD can be difficult. For starters, most people do not live near a doctor specializing in PPD. This means that most people will be under the care of a doctor that may not be aware of PPD, making finding the right doctor difficult. It is important for a person to educate themselves on their condition and PPD before seeing a doctor. The following are several suggestions and tips on how to find the right doctor for you:

  • Understands your condition and is open to a mind body approach
  • Is knowledgeable on your condition and wants to help
  • Listens well and makes you feel at ease
  • Encourages you to ask questions
  • Seems honest and trustworthy
  • Allows you to disagree
  • Is willing to talk with your family and friends
  • Is highly thought of in the community

Source: Jeffrey Rome. Mayo Clinic on Chronic Pain. 2002

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