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Fred Amir is the author of two TMS books, Rapid Recovery From Back and Neck Pain (2002) and Rapid Recovery from Enlarged Prostate Symptoms (2013) and is the creator of the “Nine-Step Rapid Recovery” plan.

A registered environmental health specialist, Amir is the founder and president of the health consulting and educational firm Health Solutions, and worked for a San Francisco Bay Area local health agency. He has received the University of California's Knowles Ryerson Award for Leadership, and founded a health consulting firm called Health Solutions. In addition to this Amir has given several seminars for the University of California, CIGNA Group Insurance, Iowa State University, and other organizations.

Amir also hosts seminars and webinars aimed at helping participants recover from chronic pain and remain pain-free.


In 2002 Amir published the book Rapid Recovery From Back and Neck Pain, which outlines the TMS approach and techniques Amir used to overcome chronic back pain. Amir had chronic back pain for over two years, during which time he suffered from pain in his neck, legs, knees, elbows, and shoulder. He says that his pain was so severe he was not able to sit or stand for more than 15 minutes. In his book Amir outlines 9 steps to recover from TMS. These steps are: Motivation, Positive Thinking, Mental Exercises, Goal-Setting, Reward and Punishment, Daily Record, Exercise, Self-Discipline, Desensitization and Positive Association.

In 2013, Amir published a second book called Rapid Recovery from Enlarged Prostate Symptoms that focuses on alleviating benign prostatic hyperplasia using the same approach outlined in his 2002 book.

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