First Letter to Dr. Sarno

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Dear Dr. Sarno,

Thank you so much for all of your work in discovering TMS. By reading about TMS recently, I was able to overcome 19 years of disabling "Repetitive Strain Injuries," and I feel like I have a new lease on life.

After receiving so much help from others during my recovery (finding online TMS success stories by other former RSI sufferers was very helpful to me), I wanted to help others as well. Starting in December, I started working on creating something called a "wiki" about TMS. A wiki is just a free website that anyone can edit. The goal of this wiki would be to be like Wikipedia, but all about TMS. The website is still extremely rough, but you can see what we've got by visiting on the world wide web.

Successful wikis tend to grow extremely rapidly. For example, though Wikipedia is only 8 years old, hundreds of thousands of people have added content to its 12 million pages. The TMS Wiki already has over 30 "editors" and over 160 pages. Some users who have been particularly helpful include HilaryN (whom you have already spoken with about the wiki), Pandamonium, TPunk, Georgie Oldfield, and Fred Amir. If we can harness even a fraction of the energy and enthusiasm that Wikipedia has been able to tap into, I think that the TMS Wiki has the potential to be a significant force in raising the visibility of TMS.

One of the major projects that the wiki is working on right now is a questionnaire that we would like to send to every doctor, psychotherapist, or other professional that believes in TMS and is interested in working with patients who have TMS. The goal is to create a database of "TMS professionals" that TMS patients can use to find someone who can treat them. The project is only beginning and has thus far focused on therapists. None of the active wiki editors are doctors, so we were wondering if you would be willing to give us feedback on the questionnaire we have written for doctors. I've enclosed a copy of the survey along with a stamped, self addressed envelope for you to send it back to me in. We would be very grateful for your help.

If you are interested, I would also be honored to give you a tour of the wiki and answer any questions that you may have about it. Unfortunately, I live in Boston, but I know of a website that you could visit that would allow you to watch my computer as I showed you around the website, explaining what I was doing over the phone. If you are interested in this, you can reach me by phone (xxx-xxx-xxxx), email (, or US postal service (xxxxx).



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