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Please keep in mind that before treating any condition, including Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, as TMS or PPD, it is vitally important to consult with your physician in order to rule out any serious medical conditions. To learn more about TMS and PPD, and to help you figure out if you have it, visit our An Introduction to TMS page and watch the video there. Some more guidance in figuring out if this approach is right for you can be found in the video at the top of our So You Think You Might Have TMS page.

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Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity and TMS Success Stories

  • Wiki member Waveman87 wrote the following about EHS:

I have a friend who suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Whenever he's under florescent lighting or in front of a computer screen (he's a programmer) He would get very ill and nauseous, he keeps his computer screen a good three feet away, he would still experience headaches and other painful symptoms. He's suffered EHS for some 13 years. I gave him a copy of Dr Sarno's CD "Healing Back Pain" and explained the concepts and how it had helped me with my back pain. Since it didn't address his specific ailment, I explained it might have a bearing on his ailment since he'd been to many doctors and none could give a cause so It seemed reasonable to believe he had TMS. He was open to the idea and set about listening to the CD's. Within two weeks his symptoms disappeared. He was able to stand under fluorescent lights with no problem. However there is a recurrence from time to time but it is no longer crippling him as before.

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