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Dr. Howard Schubiner offers a 4 week online Mind Body Program on his website. It costs $250. ATMSHelp forum member named Sagelady has written a series of reviews of the program. Overall, she is extremely positive about it. Almost a year after completing the program, she wrote,

Dr. Schubiners program is VERY good. I am fortunate to live in the area in Michigan where he practices. Had a chance to be diagnosed by him and go to his on site classes. Format on his web program is the very same as his onsite program. The videos are actual class videos. He is also very prompt and informative when asking questions in his forum. Also if you type in his website but add /blog he enters thoughts in blog form re: symptoms and treatment. Actually I am going to support group tomorrow at the hospital he teaches at. Some former class mates have started an informal gathering of "Schubiner students" to discuss and share. This will be the first one I've attended, but I'm very excited about it.

You can follow her complete story through the following posts:

PositiveVibes, has also had very positive results from the program. She wrote,

After 10 days on his program, I think that it is the best money I've spent on myself in years. I wish I would have done this first. I realized the other day that my life has changed forever because of this program. I will never go back to feeling and operating in the world the way I did previously. Really and truly, this course is transforming me and changing my life. It's really hard work; it's really demanding, and sometimes really really scary. But so worth it!

Pd245 has also taken the course and has written the following

I'm on the first week of Dr. Schubiner's online class, and I'm very impressed with how organized and thorough it is. He's created a very structured way to explore all of the issues that Sarno says contributes to TMS - personality, current stressors, past stressors, etc. He gives journaling exercises, mindfulness meditation exercises (very important), ways to deal with your triggers, how to talk back to your brain, things like that. I never got better reading the Sarno books and felt a little lost with how to structure my healing, so this is really helpful so far. I also found his TMS lectures to be more detailed and relevant to my issues (neck pain and headaches), he also cites other research that I hadn't heard before, so the information feels really fresh.

I'm in week three of the course, and am finding it helpful in terms of learning more about myself and my issues, but I am not seeing any improvements. I'm going to keep plugging away though. My pain issues really come up when I'm on the computer, so I've been off of it for several weeks. I have a feeling, though, that I'll need to figure out how to decondition myself so that I don't get pain and cramps in my shoulders and neck the minute I get behind the computer. The Sarno stuff hasn't helped that at all so far.

Cindy o wrote:

thank you for the link to all the info about dr. schubiner's program... i'm liking the program a lot. i was resistant to the writing at first, but am actually doing it and finding it very powerful. he is so supportive, more than any doctor i've seen in person! ...cindy

Two free videos of Dr. Schubiner on YouTube: (found by Ralph) The role the brain plays in pain Your Pain is real- Do you have Mind Body Syndrome or TMS

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