Discussing with Family and Friends

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For many people with TMS/PPD, a large part of their life has involved around their chronic symptoms. These symptoms can affect every aspect of a person's life, including one's personal relationships. During treatment for PPD, it may be necessary for a person to shift priorities and focus more on "the work" that will help them overcome their chronic symptoms. It is important to understand how to interact with family and friends about TMS/PPD.

  • Express Your Emotions: Repressed emotions is a major cause of PPD, and it is very common for people with PPD to not tell their friends and family how they feel. The goodist and perfectionist personality traits common among PPDers means that people will place the needs of others above their own and do what they think is expected of them. In order to overcome PPD it is important to begin to express your feelings and opinions to your friends and family.
  • Discuss Your Plans: When you begin treatment for PPD it is important for you to tell your friends and family about your plans, and let them know that you will need some extra time to focus on yourself.
  • Share Your Schedule: One way to ensure that your family will have a positive impact on your treatment will be to let them know when you will be doing the work, i.e. reading, journaling, meditating, or other PPD treatment techniques.
  • Ask for Help: A part of the "perfectionist" personality trait is the feeling that you can do everything perfect yourself. It is important to be willing to ask other people for help, so you can limit the amount of stress you place on yourself.