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Each day of the structured educational program will provide you with different tools to help reduce or eliminate your symptoms. Below is an outline of the general types of tools offered throughout the program. Understanding why each portion of the structured educational program exists can be helpful for recovery.

Educational Activity: “The information provided is the “penicillin” for this disorder” -Dr. John Sarno

Everyday the program provides an educational article or video for you to read or watch. This allows you to keep learning about TMS and helps build your understanding of and belief in the diagnosis. This knowledge will become the foundation of your TMS cure.

Informational box: Occasionally we will have a guest post about different components of mental health, to ensure that this is the correct program for you. If you are a professional working with TMS clients or an alumni of the structured educational program who would like to share your experience and add your own content, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us through email:TMS Wiki email address for more information

Journal Activity:

“Often the abusive or neglectful way that we treat ourselves, consciously and unconsciously, can lead to the development of symptoms” –Alan Gordon, LCSW

Journaling can be a very effective way to explore past life events, current stressors, and aspects of your personality that may contribute to TMS. The program’s series of journal activities are designed to help you recognize repressed emotions and possible triggers of your symptoms. There are several different journaling techniques that you will be taught and guided through. By using different techniques you will be able to look at events and situations from different perspectives and gain new insights into the possible triggers of your symptoms. Alan Gordon’s TMS Recovery Program provides a wonderful overview of the psychological component of TMS, and offers tools to help you identify some of the areas that you might need to address psychologically. We highly recommend that you read the Recovery Treatment program before beginning to journal. In addition, journal entries may bring up intense emotions. These exercises are not meant to replace work with a therapist.

Success Story: Reading how other people became pain-free can help you accept your diagnosis, in addition to providing guidance throughout your treatment. It is highly recommend that you read at least one success story every day. Some days success stories are linked within the structured educational program, other days we encourage you to find your own success story on the Structured Educational Program subforum or to re-read your favorite success story.

Question To Ponder
Question to ponder:

These questions are designed to help jumpstart your mind to begin thinking about certain issues you might be avoiding or forgetting to address in your journaling. While you do not need to spend a significant amount of time on these questions, it is important to keep these questions in the back of your mind as you go about your day. It is encouraged that, when you feel comfortable, you post responses to these questions in the subforum. This is a great way to connect with others in the TMS community and get inspiration from others who have experience with the program.