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Discussion forums are a great place for people to support each other and discuss various TMS recovery methods. They bring people together and allow them a forum to bounce TMS ideas off one another. Below are some of the wikis best discussion threads that may be off great help to you.

The Presence Process Thread

In this thread a group of wiki users discuss how reading the book The Presence Process helped them recover from TMS. The thread was started by Dr. John Sklar and he describes how the book can help people uncover the source of their unconscious conflicts. It is one of the wiki's most popular threads and has sparked a discussion on how books can help people recover from TMS.

Why Do Some People not Get On with Dr. Sarno's Methods Thread

For some TMS patients Dr. Sarno's methods provide a quick and easy cure to their chronic pain, but there is still a large group of people who have limited success on Sarno's methods. This thread discusses what to do when a person feels "stuck" in their treatment. This is a great thread to read if you are not having immediate success in a treatment program, and it provides great insight into the minds of TMS patients.

A Common Physiology? Thread

A lot of TMS sufferers wonder where their pain comes from. This thread discusses the validity of Dr. Sarno's argument that the physiology of TMS pain is oxygen deprivation. An important question is also raised in this thread, which is if you no longer feel pain, does the physiology of the pain even matter. This thread can help people remember the importance of thinking in a psychological manner and the need to investigate their emotions.

Another Syndrome Name Thread

There has been a growing debate if the term Tension Myositis Syndrome (or Tension Myoneural Syndrome) adequately describes the mind body connection. This thread discusses how different terminology may influence health care professionals towards accepting the diagnosis. This thread consists of great ideas from TMS patients and TMS practitioners including Dr. Dave Clarke, who wrote the book They Can't Find Anything Wrong With Me. Anyone interested in TMS activism should read this thread.

TMS and Motherhood Thread

Raising a child can be a very stressful time in a person's life. Parents worry about their children's safety and how to provide for them. This thread discusses the links between raising a child and TMS, and asks what is the appropriate amount of emotion (i.e. anger, frustration, impatience) a parent can show a child. Any parent who has been diagnosed with TMS should read this thread. It provides great insight into how a parent can express emotions towards their children.

Many people have found reading discussion boards helpful in their TMS recovery. Also, many TMS patients have found that reading Success Stories from people with similar ailments inspire can motivate them in their recovery. The wiki has an exhaustive list of TMS-related Success Stories that may help you in your recovery.