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Dr. Andrea Leonard-Segal graduated from George Washington University Medical School with honors. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology. Dr. Leonard-Segal has said that she choose to focus on Rheumatology because it gave her a chance to know patients for an extended period of time. She first learned about TMS through a visit with Dr. John Sarno who treated her for chronic back pain. Dr. Leonard-Segal took the information she learned about TMS and applied it to her own practice, and has been treating patients with TMS for over 20 years.

Andrea Leonard-Segal is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at George Washington University Medical School, and also treats patients with chronic pain at the Center for Integrative Medicine at George Washington University Medical Center. She also contributed a chapter in The Divided Mind, entitled “A Rheumatologist's Experience with Psychosomatic Disorders.” (Source: Sarno, John. The Divided Mind. Harper Collins: New York, 2006.)

Contact Information

George Washington University Center for Integrative Medicine
908 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W.
Suite 200
Washington, D.C. 20037
Tel: (202) 833-5055
Fax: (202) 833-5755

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