Agenda for Second Wiki Teleconference

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Discussions about the teleconference can take place in the threads at the bottom of this page.

How to join the teleconference

Please figure out how you would like to join the teleconference several days beforehand so that you can get help if you need it. The best way to join the teleconference is through Skype.

There are three steps to joining using Skype:

  1. Make sure you have a reasonably fast internet connection and either headphones and a microphone or a headset. We have had problems with echo when people have used speakers and a microphone, so please get headphones or a headset.
  2. Install and test Skype. To install Skype, visit, click on "Download," and follow the on-screen instructions. Doing this is surprisingly simple, but if you have problems, don't hesitate to ask for help. Once you have made an account, double click on "Skype Test Call" to test and make sure that everything works fine.
  3. Add ForestForTreesTMS to your contact list. This will allow Forest to add you to the teleconference when he starts it.

If you can't use Skype, please send Forest your phone number as soon as possible, and he will add you to the teleconference using your phone number.


Anyone can feel free to add to this agenda, either by editing it directly or starting a discussion thread below.


Before the conference starts, we can chat a little, hang out, and get to know the people we don't yet know.

I.) Everyone introduce themselves and quickly summarize their TMS story

A.) 1 minute each

B.) type your email address and possibly a link to your success story or website into the chat window when you are done.

II.) Check ins from different projects that people are working on (if you are running a project, now is a great time to get feedback, perhaps through the text chat):

2-6 minutes each

A.) Q&A with an Expert (Peg and Forest)

B.) Meetup/wiki tours (Hilary)

C.) Updating Success Stories by Symptom Group (Hilary)

D.) Success Story Panel (Matthew)

E.) Success Story Videos on YouTube (Dan)

F.) Coordination

III.) Barbara Kline mentioned that she had some news
2-5 minutes
IV.) Ideas for future (Forest will very briefly elaborate on this list--4 minutes total)
A.) Making and updating a master list of TMS professionals

B.) Recruiting TMS Professionals for the TMS professional survey

C.) Writing or soliciting and posting book reviews. Once we get enough book reviews posted, people will probably start submitting TMS book reviews spontaneously, so we will need a group of people to help them to post them.

V.) Open up the floor for people's ideas, feedback, and general discussion.

20 minutes
PART 2: (The second half will be more oriented towards people actively maintaining the wiki, so some may want or need to leave at this point.)
I.) Let's make sure this happens
A.) Welcoming committee

B.) Keeping events page up to date

C.) Writing a new disclaimer based on Wikipedia's and tracking down a pro-bono lawyer to review

D.) Recruiting other editors.

II.) How we communicate

A.) What do people want to hear about on the mailing list? In the discussion threads? In the teleconference? Using the mailing list keeps people involved, but details should probably be discussed in the threads.

B.) Forest will be incredibly busy until August. He's been helping to coordinate things, but can we use the mailing list and forums to coordinate our projects and to keep each other up to date?

III.) Open up the floor for ideas, feedback and general discussion

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