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Working on Programmed Pain

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Sam1984, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Sam1984

    Sam1984 New Member


    I was diagnosed with TMS not long ago and the pain has been ongoing for over 2 years. Right lower back and right leg up until the knee.

    The issue is that the pain manifests in a programmed manner, at midnight or after a few hours of sleep every single night (a tylenol before going to bed helps greatly) or when I get a little frustrated/stressed. It also comes up after I practice sports and lasts for a couple of hours.

    Then, the rest of the time I am totally pain free.

    Any advise on how to work with programmed/memorized pain? How to work on it if it comes at midnight?

    I have read the books and watched the Dr Sarno sessions, but I cannot find a way for "DeProgramming" the memory in my brain that triggers the pain.

  2. toast

    toast New Member

    Maggie Phillips | The Pain Solution
    Part 2, Track 4 did just this for me . . . I used it for all of my conditioned pain, like you wrote above. It vanished conditioned pain after practicing it a few times - absolutely amazing. The rest of the program is also extremely helpful for TMS related pain.

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  3. Sam1984

    Sam1984 New Member

    Thanks, but looking more for a solution without using hypnosis therapy.
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  4. toast

    toast New Member

    The audios aren’t traditional hypnosis - more like meditations. I was able to use the meditation from the track listed above to deprogram the conditioned pain and so far it has worked.

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  5. Sonic

    Sonic Peer Supporter

  6. Sam1984

    Sam1984 New Member

  7. gutter3

    gutter3 Peer Supporter

    is the audio on the wiki site? or from an audio book?

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