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Wired for Healing - Annie Hopper

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by mike2014, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello All,

    I've just stumbled across a book called "Wired for Healing" by Annie Hopper which covers healing from food intollerances, MCS, CFS, lyme disease etc etc. The principles are excatly the same as those outlined by Dr Sarno and it will hopefully give those confidence that food intollerances, environmental senitivities are a mind body disorder.

    The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ reveals the science behind Limbic System impairments and prepares participants to critically engage with their condition.

    The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ is a drug free, self-directed, neuroplasticity-based treatment that is taught from a platform of environmental awareness. This intensive program is experiential in nature and focuses on normalizing the threat and survival mechanism within the limbic system of the brain. The program integrates components of cognitive-behaviour therapy, mindfulness based cognitive restructuring, emotional restructuring therapy, neural linguistic programming and incremental exposure and behaviour modification therapy.


    There are also various testimonials on her official site and on Youtube.
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  2. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Mike, this looks like an interesting resource. I certainly like the complete title of her book: "Wired for Healing - Remapping the Brain to Recover from Chronic and Mysterious Illnesses" which ties in with all of the new information we're receiving from neuroscientists in the last few years. I'm a little concerned that the book is kind of expensive, but doesn't include her actual recovery program. Reading the positive reviews, it's clear that the program is pretty intensive - any idea what it costs? Hmmm, her term "toxic trauma" seems to refer to actual toxic exposure which starts the cascade of symptoms and worsening sensitivity.

    The good thing is that she is addressing conditions that Dr. Sarno and his proteges only touch on. I think that people with fibro and CFS, etc. don't tend to see our wiki and forum, with their focus on pain, as a resource, which is too bad.

    Here's a really interesting article from a site dealing with MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) in response to an article supposedly "debunking" programs like this - the followup is particularly interesting and shows the value of this kind of brain retraining, but it sounds like Ashok Gupta's program is also well worth looking into.

    Thanks for bringing this up, Mike - there's a certainly lot of new and exciting stuff out there!

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  3. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    The book is free on Kindle Unlimited, I'm not sure if it's the same in the US.

    I believe the price is comparable to Ashoks program.

    I just really wanted to bring it to people's attention that intollerances etc are still within the realms of TMS and it doesn't matter which program we use as long as the out come is the same.
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  4. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Mike and Jan,
    Thanks for this. It is great to see all the "systems" and approaches that are essentially "Dr. Sarno." Yes, I have always wondered about food tolerances and electrical sensitivity. I guessed it was like pain, but good to get some confirmation.
    Andy B.
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  5. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    Mike & Jan,
    I found DNRS (Annie Hoppers program) first, (in 2013) before ever knowing that I had TMS. I have been doing her program for 2 years now. Some people gain full recovery in 6 months or less and some take a year, 2 years or longer. Her program has helped me in so many ways and that is why I continue to use her principals. I also tried Gupta and love his program too. The DVD's for both programs run about $300 USD. I also attended the in person DNRS live seminar (was around$2,500) that included lodging, and meals. It was Fantastic.

    And Jan, you are right that Annie's Book (Wired for Healing) does NOT divulge how to do her program but it does provide a wonderful explanation of how our mind/body issues develop. Annie developed her program after becoming very sick from a mold infested office. She had to live in a tent in her backyard for a while when she became so chemically sensitive and was even EMF (allergic to electricity).

    After learning all about limbic system issues (this is what Annie calls it).......I then found out about TMS. And it is with this knowledge that I Believe that TMS leads to CFS, MCS, food allergies, etc. It just makes sense that TMS is what causes us to become sensitive to these other things and not the other way around. For the longest time, I thought that pesticides, mold, viruses, had made me sick, but now I know that TMS is what caused me to become sensitive to so many things. This is just my opinion.

    DNRS, GUPTA and LP (lightning Process) are all neural retraining programs and fantastic ways to calm the fight/flight/freeeze and rewire your brain. These programs help with pruning away the neural networks in our brains that have led to these conditioned responses that cause symptoms. I am sure as time goes by, more and more programs will pop up.
  6. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thank you Grateful for providing such a comprehensive review for myself and others.

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  7. Andy Bayliss

    Andy Bayliss TMS Coach & Beloved Grand Eagle

    Yes, thank you Grateful. Your post is helpful.

    I think you are right. After seeing how TMS put me in excruciating pain for years, it is easy to believe this. When I sit outside and the neighbor's laundry drier exhaust (which is toxic) feels like it is poisoning me, I will try to remember this TMSing propensity that I probably have.

    Andy B.
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  8. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    Andy B,
    You are right. The TMS docs I contacted, (Dr. Sklar and Dr. Sopher) both told me that my MCS, food allergies, Skin issues, IBS, etc, etc, etc ARE TMS.

    In the same way TMS causes us to repress emotions, it can cause sensitivities to anything possible. You may want to look into the DVD"s for DNRS as they are excellent for helping with chemical sensitivities. Your brain overprotects you from chemicals in the environment by increasing your sense of smell and making you think the smallest amount will harm you.

    IF you do a brain scan on a normal brain, (someone that does not have chemical sensitivities) the area that is responsible for smell, would be about the size of a nickel, but in the person with MCS, it is about the size of a 50 cent piece. This is all reversible with neural retraining/rewiring.
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  9. IrishSceptic

    IrishSceptic Podcast Visionary

    My spidey sense is tingling...whenever you see trademarks and the like its fair to assume this is a business venture .
    Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ sounds interesting and terms like 'neuroplasticity' are abused by these charlatans. In much the same way 'Quantum healing' is used by quacks.

    1* Review

    ''This book doesn't describe what her method is. It provides a description of the science behind the method and lots of stories about how the method has helped people, but it doesn't say what you do. The method may be fantastic and effective, but you're not going to learn how to do it here. I had already read Norman Doidge's The Brain That Changes Itself, which gives a deeper description of the science, and I'm not interested in the testimonials, so for me, the book offered nothing.''

    Funny enough Sarno gets called out for similar but its largely because people have not absorbed what he is saying or thought 'that's it' when its come to his prescription.

    I don't mind things that are alternative like EFT so long as you understand the TMS dimension of how they work...there is more than one way to skin a cat as they say :D
  10. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    Irish: I normally don't come on too strong (the TMSer in me does not like confrontation) but I must step in here to tell you that DNRS and Annie Hopper are most definitely NOT CHARLATANS. You have no idea how much her program has helped people and continues to do so. And NEUROPLASTICITY is exactly how her program works. There is direct Science behind what she does. Her program includes NLP (neuro-linguistin programing) Self Guided positive visualizations, exposure therapy, incremental training, CBT, meditations, and tons of Authentic Indifference.

    I have personally improved with her program and have witnessed many others do the same. She does run a business, but it was started by her because she was very sick with MCS, EMF and severe chronic pain and fibro. She works hard to help others and bring awareness to people that are affected by mind/body issues and environmental illness.

    She is in the process of getting funding to do research to Prove to the hard to convince Medial Community that her neural retraining program does produce recovery for many that do it.
    She will be able to do brain scans and other things before and after recovery. As you know, the conventional medical community still don't think that our brains and or sub/conscious have anything to do with our physical symptoms and she knows otherwise.

    The book was not intended to reveal what her method of DNRS is for many reasons. In order to do her program, the user must go through several days of viewing her DVD"S and workbook exercises to gain understanding of how to apply her methods to recover.

    I guess I took your post personally, because I have improved greatly with her program, TMS knowledge and Tapping, so I get somewhat riled up when I feel that someone thinks her program is anything other than legitimate. But then again, I am attempting to learn that I can't control the way other people think/feel about something, So with that, I will get off of my soapbox and get out and enjoy this beautiful day ..........................
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  11. IrishSceptic

    IrishSceptic Podcast Visionary

    Thats great Grateful17 but I guess I'm just really wary given the sheer amount of stuff out there. TMS is the only 'out there' thing that has proven true so I'm probably concerned about people either appropriating it or spinning it with new language. I haven't reviewed her work so I probably spoke too soon.

    We know the brain and even the gut neurons are incredibly important in health yet our establishment ignores BOTH. Largely due to Pharma influence in medical schools which is shocking to say the least. I always knew they had enormous power but not quite how much. They have a role in many of todays leading health woes through lack of focus on importance of nutrition/mental processes in health.
    Nice article on the Vagus nerve and how it is connected to various parts of the body.


    I think her work along with others is part of an offensive which the medical establishment will be forced to recognise at some point.
    Too many people improve using these therapies.
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  12. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Thanks so much for your input, Grateful - it's good to know someone who is doing this program, as it's so new.

    Let's not forget how much it can cost to consult a TMS therapist if you don't have gold-plated health insurance. In the U.S., most of us do not. And the amount that most of us have spent over the years on various therapies and interventions that only temporarily distracted us from our symptoms (if they didn't exacerbate them entirely, like injurious back surgery) far exceeds the cost of a program like this, that does, indeed, show very positive results from brain retraining. The medical community is making an absolute fortune on the epidemic of symptoms that we here know, without a doubt, are TMS. Every time I see another TV ad for a new drug therapy for what I know are TMS conditions, I cringe.

    Going back to the two programs by Hopper and Gupta, I found this very interesting article by someone who runs a web site for people with MCS - the comments below the article are the most enlightening thing about it, because the author (who has MCS) eventually went on to start working with the Hopper program and had reported experiencing improvement in her responses to the various comments. At two years, it's a serious commitment.
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  13. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

    Agreed, it is serious commitment, mind you a time frame cannot be put on ones healing, it will happen if and when we embrace change
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  14. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    Good point Jan, I was spending a LARGE FORTUNE on medical visits, testing, endless treatments and supplements that were not only not working, but making me Worse and in some cases Much worse. DNRS and Gupta are cheap compared to what I have spent on my recovery from 2007 to 2013, somewhere in the neighborhood of well over $100,000 cash out of pocket.

    So I thought DNR was a bargain. It is the only thing that began to help with my symptoms, when nothing else worked. Then along my journey, I found TMS.
    Before finding out about TMS, thanks to DNRS, I knew that I had a mind body issue, but had no idea that it was caused by repressed emotions. Annie Hopper does not use the term TMS, she just calls it a Limbic System injury, and mentions Trauma Loop a lot in her teachings.

    Mike is right, time frame is so variable. I have seen people start DNRS and become symptom free in a few months, and in some rare cases, weeks. I guess this would compare to DR. Sarno's Book Cure. These people have no idea they have a mind/body issue, read and learn the material of DNR, begin the program, and heal quickly. Then there are others that take 6 months, 10 months, 1 year, 2 years or longer and everything in between.

    Let me see if I can find a link to Wheel Chair to Rollerblades. The amazing story of a lady named Lauren who had POTS. (Postural orthostatic, tachycardia syndrome). Her symptoms were so far beyond chronic pain. She was deathly sick and healed with DNRS. It took a while, her recovery was not quick, but she never gave up and stayed committed. She began working for Annie Hopper and DNRS after she recovered and is now a forum moderator and coach for them. Here is her link............
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  15. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

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  16. mike2014

    mike2014 Beloved Grand Eagle

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  17. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    I am not sure if she has gone back to her Doc's at Mayo and presented them with her recovery story or not.

    I do know that a very prestigious University in Vancouver BC has agreed to do research for DNRS. Annie Hopper just told me the good news. We need research to prove what we already know. These programs really do work.

    The funding will not be cheap but at least Annie has her foot in the door.

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