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when to start SEP?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Ryan79, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Ryan79

    Ryan79 Peer Supporter

    Deep down I really do believe I have TMS, but the brain keeps making me focus on physical symptoms in my wrist areas in both hands.

    My brain just likes objective tests to reassure me.

    In March 2011, first panic attack, racing heartbeat. PCP did EKG said everything was normal and I got better.

    In November 2011, bad headaches worst I've ever had, that would never go away. PCP finally did MRI, no brain tumor. Felt self relieved, and headaches went away.

    In Summer 2012, my hands bothered me a lot. Saw a lot of doctors and they went through a bunch of tests. Finally i got better after 6 months since i just figured I would live with the pain. Went on with life and the pain eventually went away 100% in both hands.

    In March 2013, my back started to hurt me went to the doctor, chiropractor. Did x-ray said i had a subluxation. Did treatment for awhile and then stopped and back got better.

    In winter 2013, my throat would hurt on the left side. PCP did a thyroid scan and blood work, and nothing was wrong on either. Throat got better in a few weeks.

    In Feb 2014, my stomach hurt all the the time, and the PCP thought it was GERD, and gave me acid reflux pills and I tried them for awhile, but didn't think they worked. Stopped taking them and got on with life. Pains went away.

    In August 2014, my same hand issues came back, and haven't let up. I've tried seeing two doctors (PCP's) and one says I have tendonitis, one says no way since its the same presentation as before.
    I have an appt with with an orthopedic dr on August 24th, and ever since I made the appt the pains have been the worst. I'm hoping he'll do an MRI so I can convince my brain that nothing is wrong. It just seems like I constantly present with new jumping pains around my body. Seeing this ortho dr is one of my biggest fears that he'll confirm something structural but I see it as healing if I confront the fear of seeing him.

    Should I wait til after I see the ortho guy to start the SEP?

    Right now I believe my unconscious is not open to the SEP til I rule out everything physically. This is probably the worst area to affect is in my thumb wrist area. It seems like TMS has the greatest hooks into that part of my body to make me focus on it. Just writing this whole post made my pains go down a lot in intensity.
  2. SunnyinFL

    SunnyinFL Well known member

    Hi Ryan79,

    I don't know what led you to the TMS wiki, but you're here for a reason! I'd go ahead and get started with the SEP - there's no time like the present! Please know that your unconscious does not have to be open to the SEP when you start the course. Try putting your conscious mind in control instead. Part of recovery for many of us is to learn how to wrangle control back from the unconscious. Also, please be aware that the MRI might cause you unnecessary expense and unnecessary turmoil. I don't know that for a fact, and I don't know whether you truly need one or not. I'm not a doctor. But, I do know that many of us, including me, have had unnecessary MRIs and wish we had our money back! A specialist used mine to scare me and tell me "you won't recover without surgery." Trying to get both my conscious mind and unconscious mind to reject that INcorrect statement has been quite a task.

    One thing that strikes me about your experience is that you realize that when you just get on with life you feel better. That is exactly what I've heard in many recovery stories. I'm not quite there, but look at your own experience - it's pretty powerful! I hope you trust in yourself more than you trust the ortho guy (or, maybe what I'm really saying is that I wish I had!) Best wishes, Sunny
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  3. Grateful17

    Grateful17 Well known member

    Ryan79. The symptoms you describe all sound like TMS and in fact are following a pattern.
    The fact that your pains got worse once you made the ortho appointment (proof that your fear and focusing on the physical body) are exactly what your brain is trying to get you to do, also sounds very much like mind body issues.

    I agree with Sunny. Why not start the SEP now. I bet you see a noticeable change in your physical symptoms.
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