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Very slow heart rate and TMS

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Artmuzz, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Artmuzz

    Artmuzz Well known member

    I have mentioned in here that I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and I suffer a lot of physical pains like migraineheadaches, lower back pain and general muscular pain. However, there is something that is worrying me.

    I wear a smart watch and wear it to bed when I sleep at night. Occasionally when a I wake up in the morning and read my heart rate on my watch, the reading can be anywhere between 43 and 55 bmp. What’s even worrying is that I read online that this reading is lower than the recommended resting heart rate of 60 bpm. I read that this can be a condition of bradycardia. Can TMS cause this? Please advise.
  2. Timbercat

    Timbercat Well known member

    A heart rate in the 40-50's is not unusual when we are sleeping. My cardiologist told me once it's like an amusement park shutting down for the night. That being said, I don't know anything about u or if u have any medical issues. You mentioned in a previous post u had high BP when you were checked once. So it's really easy to get your heart checked out with a simple EKG if u haven't recently. That might make you feel better about things. In the meantime, I wouldn't worry about that slower heart rate at night. Why do u wear the smart watch to bed?
  3. Artmuzz

    Artmuzz Well known member

    I have suffered anxiety and panic disorder after suffering a full blown panic attack back in 2015. I joined this group because it was suggested that the migraine headaches, sciatica and back pain I suffer from occasionally are caused by TMS because I have suppressed a lot of anger and emotional stress from my past.

    My blood pressure was high last year but I bought a good blood pressure monitor and my blood pressure is fine and normal. However I still have anxiety and panic disorder and the slow heart rate freaked me out. It’s comforting to be told that the low heart rate is nothing to be concerned about. I wear my smart watch to bed because it calculates how much sleep I am getting.
  4. Timbercat

    Timbercat Well known member

    When it comes to cardiac issues, I still encourage u to check in with your physician if u have not done so already. Even a TMS physician would tell u that. I have TMS FOR SURE but also have a cardiac diagnosis; and TMS makes it worse when the anxiety is high. I wish you the very best on your journey.
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  5. Sammie

    Sammie Peer Supporter

    Artmuzz I have skipped beats, an extra heartbeat plus mitral valve prolapse! My doctor says my heart is strong and fine! But... I worry about every beat because I’m very aware of them. For me the worse thing I could do is wear something to bed that-keeps a watch on my beats, would drive me-into MBS overload! Just saying! I agree with Timbercat, get it checked out, probably nothing.

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