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tooth pain/trigeminal neuralgia type 2

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Tomey, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. Tomey

    Tomey New Member

    Hi everyone
    i am 34 years old man suffer from trigeminal neuralgia type 2 for 10 years
    i have constant pain in my teeth in both sides usually at teeth that had root canal (4 of them).
    the pain is moderate to severe.
    i seen maybe 30-40 doctors and did all the scan that can be done and the doctor says there is nothing wrong with the teeth.
    in MRI there is pressure of artery on the trigeminal nerve and i did MVD surgery for that and it didn't help.
    there is people with this pressure that don't have pain.

    one doctor said to me a month ago that maybe it is psychosomatic pain.
    after he told me that i read dr sarno book.
    the T person type was like reading my biography.

    the problem is i didn't find one person that healed from this condition, no one sucsees story and it make me very doubtful.

    i find some successes story but there are always tmj story or a toothache that come and go that last for couple of mounts.
    no successes story from trigeminal neuralgia type 2 characteristic pain.
    i tried to talk to members here that have this pain but they are not active anymore,
    in theirs posts i didn't saw that they heal from this condition.

    does someone know users with trigeminal neuralgia type 2\ atypical facial pain that healed ?

    P.S sorry for my English it is not my native language.
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  2. Tennis Tom

    Tennis Tom Beloved Grand Eagle

    Have you done a search at the TMS Help board? Your symptom should have a number of threads there.
  3. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Tomey,

    I posted this yesterday:

    http://www.tmswiki.org/forum/threads/lessons-from-claire-weekes.3873/page-3#post-74814 (Lessons From Claire Weekes)

    I'm around 80-85% better, still have good days and bad days, but am confidently on track. I did reply your mail but when I heard nothing back I assumed you'd moved on. Sorry about that. Although trigeminal neuralgia is a particularly brutal form of TMS, I really believe you can make great healing gains. Read through the link and feel free to ask questions. Best post them on this thread so that anyone having the same problem can easily find it.

  4. Tomey

    Tomey New Member

    Thank you very much plum.
    your story of overcoming atypical trigeminal neuralgia is exactly what i needed to hear because you are the only success story.
    in the last month i did some journalism but not enough.
    its funny you post yesterday because yesterday i went to a TMS clinic in israel and i needed to hear that.
    i will start CBT ,Psychotherapy and biofeedback ,specific for TMS pain next week.
    i wish it will help me and i will notify on my progress.
  5. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle


    It sounds like the clinic is offering a great range of treatments that will work together. The biofeedback in particular is very much the way I went in learning how emotions felt in my body, where they manifested and what they meant. When you're in agony it becomes almost second nature to shut down any sensations in case they make pain worse. Allowing myself to feel what was going on in my body has been a huge step in my healing. This is why I love yin yoga so much. In yin yoga you hold an easy yoga pose for a few minutes and during this time you do nothing but listen to your body. It also highlights how much we let internal chatter distract us!

    I found that this tuning into myself combined with sleep, which turned down the noise of over-sensitised nerves, made me able to start healing my relationship with my body. And then, as I said in the linked post, I was able to re-engage with the psychological aspects so necessary to face in TMS healing.

    I'm still working on overcoming triggers, mostly eating and brushing/flossing my teeth, but I am doing really well. I'm sure the CBT will help you with any issues you have like this.

    Please do keep us posted. Like you, I have never heard of anyone who has overcome Type 2 Trigeminal Neuralgia. We can be the trailblazers :)
  6. Tomey

    Tomey New Member

    how you working on overcoming triggers ?
    i also have problem with eating and brushing/flossing my teeth
  7. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    With very mindful and very gentle indifference. We have to eat and clean our teeth so we are in the position of facing these triggers at least twice a day and I have found it best to simply get on with it. In the past I have become very anxious and stressed around eating and brushing. I've gone through phases of avoiding both and in the early days I lost a tremendous amount of weight. Now I focus on eating profoundly nutritious food and the Weston Price protocol is a masterclass in this. I followed the advice in this book:

    http://www.curetoothdecay.com/Tooth_Decay/foods_stop_decay.htm (Foods That Stop Tooth Decay)

    It works and I have no fears about dental problems compounding the situation. I note that you had dental work that kicked your problems off so you may want to explore this a little. Being as healthy as we can possibly be supports TMS healing.

    My dental anxiety was intense. I was worried that something was being overlooked and yet I had read a lot about how people endured dental interventions that did nothing to diminish their pain. I was very confused about all this. The remedy was a combination of following Rami Nagal's advice and having regular dental check-up and cleans. I have absolutely nothing wrong with my teeth and gums. No fillings, no cavities, no extractions, no gingivitis, nothing at all. This superb state of oral health has done wonders in terms of challenging the idea that something is wrong.

    Oddly enough I am less bothered by the fact that it is in fact the nerve that is playing up. I think this is because it easier to accept it as TMS. I can feel it today actually. It is throbbing along the entire nerve from my eye down to the back tooth where it loves to hang out. But I am unconcerned. It comes and goes. This state of mind is the most important part of challenging triggers. It is vital that you believe you are fundamentally ok and that it is just your nervous system being over-sensitive.

    That said, I am mindful. I don't eat hard foods like pork scratchings, and I tend to avoid desicated coconut and seedy fruit because foods like that can get stuck and that can be a bit stressful. These are demons/triggers to address further down the line. In the evenings, if the pain is bad, I take the edge off with a small glass of wine. Again, at some point I shall kick that into touch but for now it helps. The pain used to flare horribly after every meal but it no longer does. It is quite random but it always hurts after eating and pain coming on after an activity is a TMS hallmark. Knowledge grants confidence to challenge and press on.

    I use an electric toothbrush and tepe interdental brushes. Both help a lot because I find them gentler than a manual toothbrush and floss. Again, I go gently and if the pain is very bad, I don't brush the tooth that triggers it. I let it be and let it calm down.

    The biggest key is to calm your nervous system down as a whole. The neuralgia is an amplification, and it does become quieter as the body becomes calmer. To that end, work towards soothing your entire body and try to shift the focus off the nerve.
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  8. salter

    salter Newcomer

    Hello. I am urgently seeking a TMS clinic in Israel. I would greatly appreciate your giving me information on the one you visited. Thanks. Shalom Atlas
  9. untangledweb

    untangledweb Peer Supporter

    Hi, I bought a “waterpik”. It uses a stream of water instead of string to floss your teeth. The water pressure usually didn’t trigger me.
    My pain started after a blow to the side of my head in 2012? (Not sure about the time. I lost a lot of it), right across my trigeminal nerve. The following 2 years were a living nightmare. I ended up having 5 stellate ganglion blocks. They saved my life. I’m sure I would have committed suicide. I even signed up with Life Legacy to donate my body.
    Ive been on Lyrica which helped tremendously. I’m in the process of tapering my doses. I’ve tried before with no success, but this time I’m armed with the TMS knowledge. I’ll keep you posted.
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2018
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  10. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    I used a Waterpik for a couple of years before I overcame my abject fear of other methods. It really is a brilliant and very gentle tool to use for those with TN, especially during those times when using a toothbrush is out of the question. It helped me calm my mouth as I was calming my fears.
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  11. aricka

    aricka Newcomer

    Hi Tommy!
    I don't know which "type" of TN I have, but I have pain in my teeth that makes me want to rip my teeth out. It also shoots electrical currents up into my ear, eye, and forehead. But all on the left side of my face, not both sides. I had this 8 years ago, ended up at a chiropractor's office, and he adjusted my atlas and skull, cranium??, whatever 2times per week for 2 months and the pain left. Now, 8 years later, I have it again. I live in a different town now and I'm seeing a different chiropractor.
    the first guy also said I had an artery laying on the nerve, causing it to be damaged & misfire. He said it took time for the nerve to "heal" after he relieved the pressure from it and that's why it took 2 months of adjustments. He said he had helped a lot of people in the past to overcome this.
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  12. candysworld

    candysworld New Member

    I recently developed TN. I'm 66-yr old woman. Had some symptoms on the left side of my face, lips and teeth in September. Numbness mostly. I ignored it and symptoms went away after about a week. Now, December 16. I've developed symptoms for past 3 weeks. Pain & numbness in right side of face, lips, nose & teeth. Dental exam & x-rays negative. MRI revealed some sinusitis. Am going for CT scan. Pain & numbness intermittent. Sudafed, Aleve, pain meds don't really help. I tried humidifier & saline nasal drops. I stopped all of it. I've been journaling & self-talking.
    I'm convinced this is a TMS case. I'm following Dr. Sarno's treatment plan now. I'm going to give it some time and see what happens.
  13. Kittyruns

    Kittyruns Peer Supporter

    Hello Tomey, I am so glad that you found answers and responses to your question about TN. While I didn't have that, I had horribly painful teeth and gums and I had dental implants put in and removed twice. I spent thousands and thousands of dollars and was so depressed because I was in such pain. I lost thirty pounds and my husband was ready to take me to the hospital. It was around that time that I found Dr. Sarno's book and Steve O's book. I totally agree with Plum (who has been a huge help to me...just reading her posts make me feel better!) that you have to go very gently with yourself. I would spend hours trying to talk myself into brushing my teeth because they hurt all the time. I would occasionally get electric like jolts up the side of my face and cheek and I was convinced that I had TN. I am in the process of reading Dr. David Hanscomb's book and it is excellent. Gradually and over the past two years, the pain is about 90% gone. Some days, I will have a flare and when I check in with myself, I am usually angry or tense about something, someone or some situation. I have to remind myself very gently that I am healing...every day might be different but mostly it's headed in the right direction. Please keep us informed on your progress and use this forum to help you. Blessings!
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  14. Macair

    Macair New Member

    Hello Plum,
    I just started doing this about 3 weeks ago. I read several of your helpful comments after each days' lesson - but it wasn't until tonight I realize you had/have trigeminal neuralgia. I am also plagued with this, I've been doing Mind/Body help for about 6 weeks - but pain is getting worse. I'm still convince it is TMS... And I'm still committed to going that direction. But fear I am going to have to start meds - I'm having it the second time now, the first time I could 'conquer' it after 10 months using alternative methods, no meds. This time it has been 11 months and I'm desperate. Your posts about TN were in 2016... Can you please tell me how you are now? I like your insights.... And still clinging to threads of hope....
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  15. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hello Macair,

    Yes, you absolutely can overcome TN through TMS healing :)

    I’m much better these days and have many weeks when it doesn’t bother me. However I have experienced a huge amount of stress for the last couple of years and it’s ebbed and flowed a bit BUT I know that I can calm it and I haven’t tussled with wondering whether it’s TMS for a long time now. This is a period we all go through in the beginning and this is perfectly ok.

    Interestingly I also experienced an initial problem with TN which I overcame completely. It recurred a few years later when my husband became very ill. It was during this time I discovered Sarno.

    Have you read My Story? I explain in there that I did start taking meds but only a low dose of amytriptyline. Like many people I had to calm my nervous system down before successfully approaching the emotional realm.

    When I first started exploring TMS there were no TN sufferers let alone success stories but that has changed now. One of the biggest healing steps to grasp is that it doesn’t matter what condition you have it can be healed, so take heart and give the information here every chance to become healing wisdom.

    Read My Story and post any thoughts or questions here.

    plum x
  16. Macair

    Macair New Member

    Hello Plum, thank you SO much for responding. I'm taking strong meds and have felt absolutely rotten for awhile. I feel I need to get the pain calmed down a bit in order for me to calm down my brain. Thanks for your encouragement...it gives me courage to keep trying. I did read your story, I was so relieved to find it. It's amazing how we need to hear from someone who has been where we are... I'll keep working on this... Macair
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  17. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    You’ll be ok. You really will. Have you seen the posts made by @Patrisia because she healed from TN too. Go gently. Read. Listen. There are some excellent podcasts available by wonderful people like @Alan Gordon LCSW and @Nicole J. Sachs LCSW. The Curable app has a lot of free content as well. There are so many resources now that truly help.

    I think pretty much everyone has been through the mill this year so do cut yourself some slack. It’s been hard going in many ways and this does impact pain levels, tension and our emotional state.

    I’ve been missing swimming more than I dare say yet today the government announced that pools will open later in the month and I know this will make a big difference to my well being. I’m sure there are things in your life that have taken a hit and while such joys may be small they can render immense boons. Hopefully as the world opens up again certain pressures will ease and you’ll find your pains eases with them.

    Meantime, explore the wealth of wisdom here and post as you need. There are some really good people here who care and are kind and will do their best to help you find the right path for you.

    plum x
  18. paula58

    paula58 New Member

    Oh so wonderful to find people experiencing similar symptoms. I have been taking tegretol for 3 years and started tapering off last november finally coming off a couple of months ago. Had three weeks of bliss but then symptoms began again and i got very frustrated and angry- not helpful I know as pain got worse not surprisingly. Went back on meds for two weeks and tapered off again and similar thing happened, after two weeks symptoms gradually began to reappear if anything worse than ever. Was determined not to get angry again but try a number of techniques but honestly i found it impossible not to freak out. I know it is irrational but I really fear not being able to eat ( as if I will starve or something) but the worst thing for me is not being able to talk without pain. I cannot imagine my life if I am unable to talk. I reluctantly took the meds and now I am unsure how to proceed. I am clear it is TMS and also interested? in the way it has manifested as TN . But I am also grateful for the way it has led me back into meditation and finding some wonderful teachers like Tara Brach and Eckhart Tolle. I find techniques like somatic tracking really helpful for headaches but the pain from TN is so sudden and random it is very difficult. Love your story Plum and words of encouragement and the sense that I am not alone with this
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  19. plum

    plum Beloved Grand Eagle

    Blessings x

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