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TMS treatment is like dieting and losing weight.

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Branson, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Branson

    Branson Peer Supporter

    For me anyway I think this is how it has been.

    So here I am once again saying THIS TIME I MEAN IT.

    TMS treatment has been like this. Im going along doing it, having results (losing pounds) then go off on a binge (stop doing it) then drift away to old habits (eat how I always ate.)

    You see us at the health club sweating and working hard and looking ever the same. As also having crippling TMS in whatever form, even if having mutated, still with same lifestyle results.

    So what does it take? I mean really there are truly fat people globally!

    Is there a registry of succsessful TMSrs? There is of the once fat.
    They always eat breakfast----maybe should every morning DO tms treatment
    Exercise for an hour everday. This is more than the average person would really want to do. Maybe tms treatment is that keep in shape keep down the pounds everyday for ever mindset.

    So is this a well thought out post? Nah, just having coffee just woke up.

    As a person who really never loses weight and having never really gotten out of cfs for decades Im thinking there is a blindness and habits is all that it takes to get me from here to there.

    Successful dieters drastically cut calories and keep them cut and never go back to their old ways.
    Successful dieters go it alone and also have support, a mate, a group of folks a coach. Successful dieter also absolutely accept the truth that they are fat, it is what they are doing and eating everyday that made it so and now forever they have to do and eat differently.

    There are Sooo many diets and now books and people bout tms. There are soooo many excersizes even more so for tms.

    Is it the same why people stay fat as it is for staying with sever tms symptomology? Because truly us fat and sick people look at you skinny and healthy and say how do you do it? And we listen and we try and here we are next year and next year and we are still fat and sick.

    And we keep trying and we arent succeeding.

    There is something that happens something significant that finally makes a skinny person happen or a successful tmser.

    What do you think is that thang? Is there a thang?

    Or is it try try again and hope the magic happens....this time......

    ps post whatever you like, but also post for the poor. Those that cant go to weight watchers or a clinic. Gotta do it on a shoestring. I guess for dieters that would be TOPS which costs like 5 bucks a month, or just online free forums and using a free park for exercise, or library for exercise videos. So as helpful as docs and psychologist can be, not gonna happen.
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  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    One of my best friends is really big. I don't call it fat. I just call it big. He met a similarly big woman at a big person's club and they married and are both very happy. A handsome slim friend married a real big woman and they too are very happy and parents. Maybe you just need to join a local club for big people. I wouldn't diet if I was big. I would just eat smaller portions and watch sugar and fatty foods, eat more fruit and veggies, chicken, turkey, fish.
  3. Susan1111

    Susan1111 Well known member

    Brandon if I understand your post correctly you are not heavy and looking to stick to a diet/life change you're finding the similarities in needing to lose weight and the need to rid yourself of pain. Interesting comparison. I can see it! Even if you are looking to lose weight the theory is the same!

    Everyone's personality is different therefore what works for one person won't necessarily work for another. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, etc, etc so many different options... TMS SEP program, Alan Gordon's program (also journaling, mindfulness meditation, reading and rereading Dr Sarno's 12 reminders, reading success stories.... All different ways. Everything I mentioned is no cost! Free and available.

    So perhaps when the pain is something you no longer want to live with/ when being heavy is something you no longer want to live with you do something about it. Based on your personality you find the right fit.

    BTW I teach Pilates and I will compare this to exercise. Telling someone to do something everyday for let's say 1 hr can become overwhelming and hard to stick with but when I tell someone what I'm giving you as exercise homework takes all of 5 minutes ( true, really does) I say everyone has 5 minutes at least several times a week. Very doable, hardly overwhelming!
    Which translates to just take a few minutes each day or several times a day to focus on what will help you. Don't overwhelm yourself. Small steps are more than none

    Hope I've understood your question and I've made some sense!

    Warmly, Susan
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  4. Branson

    Branson Peer Supporter

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