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TMS returning.. but in a place i never thought it could..

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by numpty1693, Nov 23, 2022.

  1. numpty1693

    numpty1693 Newcomer

    so to cut to a long story short i suffered from back pain sciatica for like 2 years until i discovered john sarnos stuff and it cured me <3 anyways years on ive had wee bouts of it returning but i quickly stuff it and it goes away again. this time around i am all of a sudden getting quad issues when doing light bodyweight exercises and even walking.. its basically like my quads cramp up from doing next to no exercise and feel very heavy. keep in mind when im 100% i do reasonably heavy weight lifting 6 days a week and walk like 4km ish a day. this has crippled me to the point where ive gone and got checked for things like peripheral artery disesase etc and have been cleared of all them things so im guessing its TMS again. anyone had it in this area before? my legs lock up from doing like 5 bodyweight squats or walking up stairs its not ideal.

    thanks :)
  2. Cactusflower

    Cactusflower Well known member

    There’s a new thread recently about feelings of neuropathy in the same area.
    What do the symptoms matter? tms is tms.
    How do you feel about it returning? Your post talks about the physical but not about you and how you are doing otherwise. I suspect you have a tendency to constantly focus on the physical (gym, weights) and not about your inner self., which is the most important part of you - to you and to other people.
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  3. riv44

    riv44 Well known member

    I hear you. I have the same symptoms. I was healed of back pain quite a few years ago now, courtesy of Sarno. Totally. I said a few days in the discussion forum that I am in full-on relapse mode, and believe my best way through it is through Alan Gordon's program. Pain is firing on all fronts, all mind-body, no doubt about it. I'm trying to keep a balance between seeking medical attention for things like blood pressure and pre-diabetes but not to overdo it. (Now they have another scare tag- "pre-pre diabetes" WTH?)I am triggered every which way- it is Thanksgiving and tomorrow is my birthday. I used to be 5'3" and now I am 5'0". At that rate I will disappear in a few years! I've had to get rid of any shoes that are bad for arthritis. My hands can't play the guitar, and drawing and writing are difficult. The whole thing makes me angry, which I know is the source of this relapse. Rather than give a litany of symptoms, it is probably more relevant to say that there are complex issues about "aging in place, " being parents of adult children and grandparents, having different levels of energy within our marriage, and close friends that have died this year--and one that is deteriorating with Parkinson's- that make me very sad. Balancing that is the joy of are our Afghan refugee family living upstairs-
    - the 8 year old boy is just a magical person, and there is a little baby girl. I know they will have to leave us when they can find a larger place, but affordability is a real issue around here. I am writing now because it is good for me to engage with this group. When I was pain-free I didn't feel the urge. I want to tell younger people that you need not suffer and worry that something is wrong with you. And I want to hear from older people who "rage rage against the dying of the light." 67 is really too young to be so fatalistic, but one side of my family had a pattern of dying from 59-65. I prefer to think of the Other side- my grandmother who lived independently and with great joy till age 98- after all those years of music and poems and being visited by college students, and being a celebrity among them, cancer took her painfully. But her spirit was always young. Maybe I will post one of her poems- little rhymes and odes to everyone from her late husband to Arnie the TV repairman. Right now I either have to go to neighbors for Thanksgiving or plead back pain and stay home and do Alan's second lesson. In spite of everything, there is much to be grateful for. I know this was all about ME and not you, but I hope in some small way it helps.
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