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TMS healing: it can work for things you might think it can't

Discussion in 'Success Stories Subforum' started by Katy Elise, Mar 3, 2024.

  1. Katy Elise

    Katy Elise Peer Supporter

    I'm a bit overdue for an update and sharing of my success story.

    6 years ago I was so ill it would take me days to work up the energy to shower. The onset of 50+ mysterious symptoms around this time and the total crashing down of my life and reality would lead me on the hardest and one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I was forced to give up my job and move back in with my parents, the very toxic environment that created the set of circumstances for me to end up in this situation at age 30.

    After years of struggle with my living situation(s), trying to find practitioners, and searching for diagnoses, I eventually found my way to Dr. Sarno. That would be the beginning of radical healing. It would take time, but it started working almost immediately. I began to see that my sensitivity, my history of trauma and feelings of terror, and my adult life circumstances were interconnected with my physical wellbeing. After being able to work part time for over a year, I made a cross-country move back to a landscape that speaks to my soul. Since then, I've found fulfilling work and started to build my professional career. Alan Gordon's book was the next radical life-changing experience for me. (I have it on Kindle and on audiobook, and I periodically put a chapter on or read one before bed to remind me to stay open to what I'm experiencing). Since then, I am climbing mountains, taking solo trips across the world, and have even bought my own house which I will be moving into in the coming weeks. My life looks VERY different than it did 6 years ago, and I never dreamed it would look this way. I want others to know that.

    I won't name all the symptoms I've healed, but here are a few:
    - major reduction in chronic fatigue
    - getting rid of food sensitivities
    - major reduction in chemical sensitivities
    - putting my autoimmune condition (Hashimoto's) in remission
    - major reduction/disappearance in joint, esp. knees and neck pain
    - reduction in dizziness and rapid heart rate when standing up/going uphill
    - reduction in feelings of hopelessness and depression
    - various skin conditions

    I also want to thank the people on this forum who have helped me out when I've been scared and felt alone, and for being a place I can turn to when my anxiety-prone mind thinks I have a new symptom to freak out about. (Still happens on the regular. I google search "tmswiki and [insert symptom]" and there's usually someone there who has had success with TMS on it.) Sarno, Gordon, Schubiner, Ozanich, Sachs, and many others have helped empower me to change my life.

    Life is a journey, and it's not over yet. These days I'm working on reducing my anxiety and, hopefully, eventually, getting off of the antidepressants I have unsuccessfully tried to get off of multiple times since I was first put on them at age 16. Wish me luck, and I wish everyone in this community the best with their current struggles. I'm so grateful for you all.
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  2. lili2002

    lili2002 New Member

    Bravo pour ton témoignage c'est une très belle histoire. Qu est ce qui a fonctionné le mieux pour toi?
    As-tu le sentiment que le traitement anti-dépresseurs peut retarder la guérison ? (C'est la question que je me pose en ce moment ..) a bientôt
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  3. ARCUser831

    ARCUser831 Well known member

    Thank you for sharing your story! Congratulations on your success. It is always inspiring and comforting to see the belief and determination pay off for someone.

    I very much hope one day I will be writing my own success story on this forum. I'm still on my way. Do you mind me asking what particular tools or healing methods spoke to you most? I'm always curious to hear how people found their way.
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  4. Katy Elise

    Katy Elise Peer Supporter

    I used google translate for this, so hopefully I'm answering your question correctly! :D
    I found Alan Gordon's writing style and somatic tracking to be the most effective for me. But initially, it was just learning about Dr. Sarno's work that helped me understand the mind-body connection.
    And yes, antidepressants complicate things immensely! I often think depression and anxiety are part of the symptom imperative.
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  5. Katy Elise

    Katy Elise Peer Supporter

    I hope you will too! And I feel strongly that you will. Definitely - what worked best for me was Alan Gordon's style. For me, he was able to help bring a sense of lightness and levity to my maladies, which is majorly transformative in itself. His somatic tracking technique really turned things around for me once I got the hang of it (and learned not to try to do it all the time - that's not helpful either!). Along with his book which I've read a zillion times, the Tell Me About Your Pain podcast on repeat worked really well for me. I also tend to overanalyze and do everything to the nth degree, so him letting me off the hook about journaling was a major relief and super effective for me (although I know others swear by it.) I hope you find that combination that works perfectly for you! It's a journey, and even the things that didn't work for me taught me something.
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  6. JanAtheCPA

    JanAtheCPA Beloved Grand Eagle

    Congratulations @Katy Elise and thank you for an outstanding Success Story! I've bookmarked it and already recommended it to a new person. I really like your title, too - it's eye-catching.

    Great work!!! dancea
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  7. Katy Elise

    Katy Elise Peer Supporter

    Thanks @JanAtheCPA - you've definitely been there to help me along the way! I was rereading some of my old posts and you were so kind and helpful <3
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  8. ARCUser831

    ARCUser831 Well known member

    Thanks for the info! I haven't actually heard about the Tell Me About Your Pain podcast, I am going to look that up. I am learning how much more powerful it is to HEAR these messages rather than just read them. I have gotten certain audiobooks that I return to again and again.

    I do also very much enjoy Alan Gordon's humor, he has been the only 'teacher' on the topic that has brought me to laugh and I do think that in itself is a benefit. :)
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  9. saskia79

    saskia79 New Member

    Thanks for your story, it has given me hope.I am in the exact same situation mow for almost 2,5 years. Living with my mum, im 45. I noticed about myself I tend to do the somatic tracking for a while and then fall off the bandwagon again exploring other methods. Guess I should stick to this..

    Happy to know you got out of most of it, and hope the anxiety will leave soon as well!
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  10. Katy Elise

    Katy Elise Peer Supporter

    Yes, I understand falling off the bandwagon! For me, too many methods made it difficult for me to stick to, so focusing on somatic tracking worked best. But the great thing was, after doing it for a few weeks, I really didn't need to any more! Then of course, when another symptom pops up, I have to start again and retrain myself... but usually not for long before it goes away and I forget about it. Wishing you luck on your journey!

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