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TMS & Eating

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by lexylucy, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. lexylucy

    lexylucy Well known member

    I am doing a better job lately of being able to notice when my fear is causing physical pain. And how distracted I get by the fear of physical pain. Lately it comes in the form of fear of eating something that will cause gall bladder/liver pain or digestive issues. So I will have fear turned into pain and fear of food especially when I am out to dinner and the person I am with is waiting for me and hungry or asking me what I want to order...Combined with stress - feeling like I wish I could be as cool as my boyfriend is wanting to eat the weirdest things - he grew up in Africa - and having to ask the waiter questions about my allergies.

    I think the root of it is wanting acceptance. Wanting it to be ok that I am different than whoever I am dining with. It sucks having allergies - I barely notice it when I'm by myself. I enjoy the food I can eat and I love to cook.

    But I have been traveling and I am living in a new city. I miss california and I miss the restaurants I used to go to where I knew exactly what I like and what I can eat there. I miss the mexican food. Tamales every morning!

    Anyone else suffer from TMS at restaurants?

    Miss Lexy Lucy
  2. Gigi

    Gigi Well known member

    Hi Lexy Lucy!
    I have many food allergies, and yes, after you move you have to start over--asking a lot of questions at restaurants! There are days when I don't want to fight the battle, and just elect to cook at home. But on the occasions where I do go out, I follow a few rules:
    1. Be willing to try new things. life's an adventure, and I've found some cool meals by being willing to try something new.
    2. Read the menu carefully. Ask for clarification from your server if there is any ambiguity.
    3. Once the food arrives, I say a quick prayer, asking that it be a blessing to my body, rather than something harmful.
    4. Accept the fact that sometimes I'll get sick, despite my best preparations.

    On a few occasions, when I knew in advance that people wanted to eat at a place where I could not eat, I've even brought my own sandwich or whatever along, and perhaps ordered something to drink at the restaurant. My friends are very accepting of what I have to do to be healthy.

    Hope this helps. Hang in there!
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  3. KatheC

    KatheC New Member

    Besides TMS, I have IBS. I have fear of eating all the time, at home and dining out. Eating at home gives less fear, in case I need a restroom quickly, but it's still there. I fully understand your fear, and hope you find peace as you get more accustomed to your new changes. I enjoy eating out and trying new foods/recipes, i just dive in keep my fingers crossed I get thru it without issues. I know my digestion reacts to certain foods, so I avoid them when dining out to alleviate some of the fear, but I still experience fear it may not agree. Best of Luck.
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  4. Susan1111

    Susan1111 Well known member

    HI Lexy Lucy you know what I have no food allergies and I ask a lot of questions! I like my food the way I like it . On occasion I could be a servers worst nightmare, substitutions of potatoes for vegetables ( what are the vegetables?!) Salad dressing on the side leave out the onions, please!!! I truly understand your concerns but so would/should anyone else who is with you. Perhaps it's building confidence in yourself...

    Try putting a smile on your face and say to the server I know I ask a lot of questions but I have food allergies so please understand, im not trying to be difficult. Guess what i bet they will understand. Me I just say I know I can be a pain in the ass!!!

    Warmly, Susan
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  5. lexylucy

    lexylucy Well known member

    I felt better as soon as i sent my post!!!

    I remembered my mantra!

    "This pain is not real. It is psychological in nature.
    The pain is being caused by oxygen deprivation to muscles, nerves, and bones.
    By a lack of blood flow.
    This pain is not real..."

    Thank you for all your replies!

    so helpful :)


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