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TMS Doctor in Australia?

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by James_Melbourne, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. James_Melbourne

    James_Melbourne New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm James from Melbourne, Australia. I've been checking out this forum for almost 12 months now and think it is an amazing, positive community so congrats to all the people who make it so.

    In the last year I've read a few of Sarno's books, along with others by TMS authors like Nicole Sachs and Steve Ozanich and have been seeing a psychologist who is loosely aligned with the TMS diagnosis. Definitely no 'book cure' for me though unfortunately!

    However I am still struggling with accepting 100% that I have TMS rather than structural issues. I have seen a chiropractor since I was 10 off and on (originally due to injuries from competitive swimming) and had orthotics in my shoes since I was 12. I think it would help me to have someone who has more credibility than all the structural health professionals I've seen check me out and tell me I shouldn't be getting the pain I've been experiencing with the structural stuff I have.

    Does anyone know a TMS Doctor who operates in Australia?

    Thanks for any help you can give.


  2. pspa

    pspa Well known member

  3. James_Melbourne

    James_Melbourne New Member

    Thanks for the reference - I see he is in Lismore which is about 1500km (1000 miles) away from me but I will drop him a line to see if he knows anyone a little bit closer to me - thanks again!
  4. birdsetfree

    birdsetfree Well known member

    This is great proof that you have tms. I am on the Gold Coast and also have tms. I had pain in my back for 15 years and work with a tms therapist via Skype from California. It has changed my life, you can read my success story on this website for more details if you want.
  5. James_Melbourne

    James_Melbourne New Member

    Hi - good to have another Aussie on here - I read your success story and it is very inspiring. So you couldn't find a TMS therapist in Australia?
  6. birdsetfree

    birdsetfree Well known member

    I looked around initially for a therapist here but could not find anyone that specialised. Alan Gordan referred me to a quality tms therapist whom has also helped other Aussies via Skype.

    It was important obviously to first rule out any serious physical causes. The amount of pain I was in and for how long it had been going on did not make sense to me anyway. I had tried every available physical therapy up to that point with no success and so was ready for the psychological journey.

    Let me know if you want anymore info.
  7. James_Melbourne

    James_Melbourne New Member

    Yes if you could send me a private message with the details of the therapist you've gone with I can get in touch and see if it is a fit.
  8. qtangles

    qtangles New Member

    Hi guys. I’m new here and from Melb and suspect I have TMS. I just saw this thread. Could you possible let me know who you ended up working with James and if it worked. I’m looking for someone to help me too in Melb or by Skype.
  9. deborah24/7

    deborah24/7 New Member

    Hi Melb T M S ers nice to meet you.... I too am from Melbourne.... wonderif I've ever walked past any of you as we are silently telling ourselves... "it is mild oxygen deprivation...... you are just scared.... you are structually sound..... you are safe...... etc etc :):) ) sometimes I can get so caught up in my sarno talk I don't realise I'm speaking out loud!!!!!! Anyway...... I have avoided jumping onto the forum because I feel like in a way its perpetuating the obsessiveness..... but today I felt a strong urge to as they say in America "reach out " :) For the first time ever I was thinking maybe it is time I speak to a TMS doctor ( just to have someone tell me I'm doing great ) but it seems they are still elusive in Aus...... Please letme know if any of you do find one..... I'd love to hear your stories.... I have been healing from TMS for over 12 months now..... I am like everyone a classic case......and I have had had much success .....overall 90... 95% with pure days of pain free bliss inbetween which tell me it is possible to get to 100 % . This past week saw me "all of a sudden" (a BIG clue in itself)..... relapse with a bloody annoying extinction burst of epic proportions...... I cannot scrape my brain for anymore repression..... and I am carrying on actually unafraid because it is so ridiculous how I am suddenly rendered in pain .... I am at a point of....... it is what it is... carry on....... but it IS disheartening and I just want it to be done with me... anyone else experienced this last hurdle of perseverance? love to know I'm not the only one... This TMS reminds me of being a kid when we drove to the beach for a holiday.... the anticipation of wanting to see the ocean over the next hill..... hopes rise then fall.... rise then fall.... I know the ocean WILL appear..... but I am wondering "Am I there yet? " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. qtangles

    qtangles New Member

    Hi Deborah. I'm not there yet. Just started the book and not even 100% sure I have TMS as I don't fit all the stuff he talks about. But am trying it on - as I don't know what else to do. Would really like to find a doctor to talk to but no one in this thread has replied back - not sure if they are no longer in this group? or on the thread? But will keep looking.
  11. iwire

    iwire Peer Supporter

    I realize you are looking for a doctor in Australia--but have you seen the resources for practitioners in the US who will communicate by skype?
  12. qtangles

    qtangles New Member

    No I haven't - where can I find these resources?
  13. iwire

    iwire Peer Supporter

    this link will take you to the tms practitioners located on this wiki: http://www.tmswiki.org/ppd/Find_a_TMS_Doctor_or_Therapist (Find a TMS Doctor or Therapist)
    this link will take you to Alan Gordon's Pain Psychology Center site and they show a skype counselling tab at the top; http://www.painpsychologycenter.com/ (Pain Psychology Center)
    this is a link to Georgie Oldfield's site who is a physical therapist in the UK and does online support internationally; http://www.georgieoldfield.com/how-i-can-help-you/ (How I can help you | Georgie Oldfield: Chronic Pain Specialist)

    I don't know any of these people personally but they are all referenced and known on this TMS Wiki. There are others. I just posted some that I have come across. I hope it is a start to looking for someone you can connect with for help. Maybe others will chime in--who have worked by skype, internet or phone with someone. good luck
  14. qtangles

    qtangles New Member

    Thanks so much for taking the time to pass on that info!
  15. SamanthaC

    SamanthaC Newcomer

  16. Laingins

    Laingins Newcomer

    Just saw this post is very old. But for anyone on here who may need help. I am an experienced physiotherapist based in Melbourne Australia in the CBD and Armadale. I have experience with MBS/TMS and have really enjoyed helping clients overcome it. I recently did a course with Howard Schubiner and it was fantastic. Happy to help anyone, and I can particularly help you rule out mechanical options, which as you know can be key to moving forward and accepting the pain is not from the tissues.
    Joel Laing
    if anyone wishes to email me go for it at joellaing01@gmail.com
  17. Miss Metta

    Miss Metta Peer Supporter

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