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Throat ache: TMS?

Discussion in 'Support Subforum' started by Anna1, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    OK, here's something. I'm a professional singer and I've had sort of a throat ache since a few weeks. A week after I discovered TMS, I was mostly painfree. But I had an appointment for immuno therapy. I have an allergy for spring-pollen. For years it was under controle and never on my voice, but since last spring it was bothering me with singing. I'm a classical singer, so when all the tissue is allergic, and it gets the air pressure of a classical singing technique, it becomes more irritated.

    Now I started with the immuno therapy: I get injections of the pollen (a bit more every week). The first week nothing happened. But since the second I've had the same sensation as in spring. It really bothers me, and I have many concerts coming up.

    I really suspect it to be TMS.. So today I didnt let it bother me, I kept on studying loads of new repertoire. But right now the pain is quite bad.

    At the same time: I took a Body Balance class and have NO PAIN AT ALL from that. I feel great in my body. You think the TMS is moving?

    Just had to write this out. It's a sneaky bastard, my unconscious!!!!! Bugger off!!! (I hope these words are not too offending, I'm not a native English speaker)
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  2. Explorer

    Explorer Well known member


    I've had this happen. TMS is on the run when it starts moving around. Mine has even gone on to cause migraines and brough back an old back injury for a week. Knowing what it was I just ignored it. Once my pain symptoms began to resolve my allegies came back as well.

    The unconscious is so darn sneaky! Keep working out and being present. It's the best cure. :)

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  3. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    Thanks Susan! I really think this is TMS too. Actually, the time I had this allergy on my voice for the first time, was last spring when I had relatively little pain in my muscles. It was probably already TMS back then.

    It's quite tricky, because all the alarm bells go off! WHAT IF I CAN"T SING?!!! But in fact this symptom is probably hiding my insecurity about all these concerts in december. So I will focus on that fear instead of the sore throat!!

    This is an amazing discovery!!!
  4. tarala

    tarala Well known member

    Hi Ruth,

    As my long time sciatic pain is receding, slowly but surely, I've really experienced symptom substitution. I sing too and suddenly in the last month I've had an annoying tickle in my throat. It's not painful but sets off coughing/choking that is really embaressing when I'm singing or working (I'm a psychologist), and nothing helps it. I'm 100% convinced that mine is TMS.
  5. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    Hi and it's really cool that you're a singer!

    I know I sound like a broken record (ha! maybe some of you youngsters don't know what a record is! LOL) but I will suggest it again: WRITE about your feelings. What is going on that could have triggered this for you?


    It is highly possible the allergies have an emotional connection as well. . .

    I would be exploring my feelings.

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  6. Lori

    Lori Well known member

    Hi Explorer--you realize of course that your back has healed and it's your brain using that spot to make you think it's still the same injury--right? distracting you from something else. . .

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  7. Explorer

    Explorer Well known member

    Hi Lori:

    Yes, I realize that completely. That was in the midst of my recovery, but even today when I was working out I felt it kick in. So funny, this TMS. I went and did my final set of cardio exercise and guess what? nothing happened.

    And you are correct, I see now that emotional things pop up, such as getting a bigger work load etc., that I do feel more symptoms. I am also realizing I've had these symptoms for a very long time in different parts of my body.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Hugs back,
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  8. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle


    a ton of thought there lori-but it works great
    i set once and wrote about emotional subjects that i could think about
    5 pages later i was still reeling off general ideas....
    any ways keep us up to date ruth-great story explorer
  9. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    Thanks everyone! I tackled the sore throat exactly the way I tackled my other symptoms. Yes Lori, I explore my emotions on a daily basis. The interesting thing is, that I've already been doing that for years. So you would think I wouldnt "need" TMS. Apparently the knowledge does it for me. When I repeat it and apply the 12 principles to whatever sort of pain comes up, it goes away. And the working out really helps, and the immediate focus on the emotion. So far, it hasnt helped for my knee yet. But I'm sure it will at some point.

    Right now my throat is a bit sore again. I have an audition tomorrow. Yesterday I was even telling my subconscious to stuff it while I was in a concert. I felt my throat and I just told it off. It helped! Amazing!!!

    I do believe that the allergy is also TMS. So I will keep on thinking off it in that way... But I won't stop the immuno therapy. Who knows I will have the courage for that eventually...
  10. crimslock

    crimslock Peer Supporter

    G'day Ruth.. You went from the physical to the psychological..You examined what was happening in your life and could find a stressful/emotional event which is the fuel for your TMS. Well done. Think of the inner child and inner parent, the war and rage going on about this up coming event. The internal pressure from the parent to perform and imagine the child kicking and screaming not wanting to go.. Geese i can really feel the tension and rage from such a situation like that.. I am proud of you Ruth, you have so much courage and strength. We all believe in you!!!!

    Remember to love yourself and give your self a few hugs from time to time.
  11. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    ruth are the 12 principles-the same as the 12 daily reminders-and im so glad your gettin this under control
    one last thing-what is immuno therapy-education cures+
  12. Jilly

    Jilly Well known member

    The moving around is so funny ! It's like a trick or treater going home on Halloween and changing costumes and then going back to get more candy,
    thinking no one will notice !
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  13. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    Hello again everyone, I had the most busy month of solo singing since I started my career. I had to fight the aching throat about every single night and it worked! One evening we had a general rehearsal in a horrible acoustic space, and I was already feeling something when I headed there. Afterwards my throat was really hurting. The whole night and next morning, still. Even though I fought it mentally as TMS. The next day I felt struck with a flu, and I considered to cancel my therapy and my student. But then I decided I wasnt going to accept it, so I went to the gym, went to therapy, taught my student. I felt perfectly fine, my throat ache had gone and the next two concerts of the year (the following two days) were fantastic.

    Right now my right ankle is bothering me quite bad. Im freaked out. I have been repeating the TMS concepts (yes, Eric, the 12 daily reminders) and I am focusing on the emotion. I think it has something to do with a coming up concert trip to Belarus (part of former Soviet Union). I sort of regret making this concert trip that I'm not paid for, not even the expenses. I agreed to do it because the concert is in the main concert hall of Minsk, and my pianist is from this country. At the time I was hoping I could go with my boyfriend and make a nice holiday trip out of it. I'm quite interested in this country (it's a dictatorship). But he could'nt join me... Now I'm staying at my pianist's parents. I still have sleeping issues, and especially in strange places I dont sleep. Also, the concert gives me some tension. I will perform Belarussian songs in Belarussian (which is different from Russian).

    Anyway, I sort of wish I could cancel, but I can't and I don't want it either. It's a very interesting experience, but I'm scared to death. Realizing all this, why is the ankle pain not going away?

    I have been working out for two months now, and all my symptoms accept the knee pain are gone. The past two times I was running my ankle's been bothering me. An old problem... Should I continue running? I went from 2 to 6 kilometres quite abruptly. And I ran 5 the last time. But the first time I ran 6 I didnt have pain in my ankle.

    Should I take it easier with running? I havent been building up slowly like people advise...
  14. Anna1

    Anna1 Peer Supporter

    Eric, immuno therapy is for allergies. You get injections with the stuff you're allergic to in increasing doses. Upto the maximum dose, and will have to have injections monthly for 3-5 years, until you're resistant.

    Goes right against TMS, I know...
  15. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    ruth -you got the healing concept doun-you said everything was gone but knee pain-
    yes continue to run if you know you can-tms is a charade we have to discover-looks like
    you have unmasked a bit of charades-keep up the good work-your a success-stay the couse youll be fine-
    yes ,its all tms but in time youll receieve all that in your subconscious-but if your having these results
    then what your doing is leading yourself to total freedom of any thoughts contrary-
    we have to move at our pace-your pace seems great
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  16. Jilly

    Jilly Well known member

    I'm new to TMS Ruth, but it seems your'e on the right path. # 9 of Dr. Sarno's affirmations : "I will not be concerned or intimidated by the pain".

    Gently laugh at the pain, as you would a child that keeps asking for more and more cookies. Instead of being annoyed, redirect that small child. That TMS is like a Halloween trick or treater changing costumes and coming back to the same house for more candy. I am working with that also. Be gentle with your body and mind, having self talks, saying things like, "Ego, I know there are changes, but I am in charge now. Everything is just fine, relax & be calm ego, you'll see..."
    Be firm but loving as you would to a small child, after all your right brain is still a small child and does not have the concept of time. :)

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