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The Tao of Tms

Discussion in 'General Discussion Subforum' started by Eric "Herbie" Watson, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. Eric "Herbie" Watson

    Eric "Herbie" Watson Beloved Grand Eagle

    Realize the power within you and you will no longer be a victim. Learn to believe in your power to cast out doubt and unbelief in your healing or any goal. Have the words of wisdom at the front of your thoughts, think positive and visualize achievement -- never think doubt less to change it.

    We have hardships to show us how powerful we really are. After the storms -- our courage held strong -- we gain insight to tell others how to walk this wondering road less they might fall. Build kindness and character everyday. Have compassion to humanity and yourself. Affirm you are healed and feel the emotion of peace as peace is as healing as love. Let self control and patience have their perfect work for patience is power.

    Half the people you will meet are sick because they are unhappy. Think and build your happiness for others and for yourself, build your relationships out of joy and warm-heartedness. Fall in love with nature all over again and never forget to laugh at all you can for this is healing and happiness -- continuous revitalization and energy. The truth is it all depends upon how you surrender your anger and fear to a more calm, collective soul.

    Bless you
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  2. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    Eric, this is great... the power within us. I just replied to a post by sybilla that you replied to, about MY TMS FRIENDS:

    sybilla, I read your post and Eric's reply and agree with him that the SEP and Alan Gordon programs are two of the best things
    you can do for your TMS. Eric and I just wrote a book together on TMS and healing techniques called
    God Does Not Want You to Be in Pain. It's out now in paperback and on Kindle from amazon.com.

    I didn't mean to plug the book in this post, and won't make a habit of it, but it leads into something I wanted to say to you
    about your dream. Eric's and my book encourages people to add the spiritual element to their TMS healing techniques,
    and to ask God to help you heal. It has worked for us and for many others.

    What brings me to your dream is, just last night I watched a lecture on television by Kenneth Cox, a televangelist,
    and although some of those turn me off, he turned me on. He spoke on a spiritual subject I have rarely heard anyone
    talk about... the third person of the Holy Trinity. God is the Big One over everything, and he sent his only son, Jesus,
    to die for our sins. After his death and resurrection, Jesus told his disciples that he had to die so that the Holy Spirit
    could come and be with them in their ministry spreading the Good News of Jesus. And that the Holy Spirit also
    would be in everyone, including you and I.

    I am a lifelong Catholic but never heard much about all that. It filled my heart so full last night that I felt born again.
    Lots of us feel alone in our pain or even in our lives without pain. I am 84 and live alone except for my darling dog,
    and most of my relatives never call or visit me, and most of my best friends have died or moved away over the years.
    and my last close friend just moved to Denver while I live in a Chicago suburb. I felt lonely and sad until last night
    when I realized I am not alone. The Holy Spirit is with me, in me, helping me, guiding me.

    I hope this doesn't all sound evangelical. I just write it here because it gave me such a lift of spirit.
    I hope you will ask the Holy Spirit to help you in your healing and protect you from the "friends" who
    visit you in your dreams.

    God bless.

    Eric, I hate to add anything to our book but may add this, along with your words on the power in us.
    It all seems to fit. I can make it the last thing in the book so it won't change any pages.
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