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The Presence Process - Share Experiences & Ask Questions

Discussion in 'Community Off Topic' started by BrianC, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    Hi, my name's Brian. I'm starting this thread while I'm on Week 2 of my second 10-week Presence Process. (Book: The Presence Process - Revised Edition - by Michael Brown)

    This thread is for people who want to share their experiences while doing The Presence Process (TPP or PP) and for people who want to ask questions about it.

    Typically, people do three 10-week processes, each with at least a 3-week break in-between. That tends to resolve most of the major emotional issues a person deals with. And as we've learned from Dr. Sarno, emotional issues are the causes of our health problems.

    When I used to work with people who have Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD or DID), they would often have the following issues:
    - Grossly Overweight or Stick-thin
    - Several Curable & Incurable Diseases & Illnesses
    - Multiple Addictions
    - Very Unhappy
    - Very Difficult Lives

    Once they integrated all of their personalities, their weight would go to its healthy, slim average for their height, all of their illnesses and diseases (both curable and incurable) would be completely gone, their addictions would be gone, their lives would become pretty calm and peaceful, and they would feel a lot of joy, peace, and contentment.

    Since I wasn't multiple, I couldn't use that method to correct my own issues. That was very frustrating. But when I found the Presence Process, I read that integrated emotional issues and had all the same benefits multiples were getting after integrating their personalities. I highly recommend The Presence Process.

    If you have questions, you're welcome to ask here.
    If you'd like to share your experiences, please do so here to help others.
    If you want to do some extracurricular reading, there's another thread here at TMSwiki on The Presence Process HERE.

    I can't wait to hear everyone's experiences and questions! I love this process.
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  2. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    The biggest issue I dealt with before The Presence Process was constantly trying to fix myself, as if there was something wrong with me. I knew my health problems were emotionally caused, but I wasn't sure how to properly address them.

    I developed an exceptionally effective method for taking care of health problems. Unfortunately, it didn't work 100% of the time, because I couldn't always get at the emotional root, and my testing didn't work a 100% of the time. Also, my goal was still a little off-base.

    In my first Presence Process, I learned how to love myself unconditionally. That was HUGE for me. No one had ever taught me how to do that, because I didn't know hardly any people, if any, who knew how to do that. Once I learned how to bring up emotions in The Presence Process, and love myself, it was really simple. Some days were really tough emotionally, but most days were good. And even the tough days were okay with me, because I knew I was making progress and I knew how to handle the tough emotions.

    I realize finally that there's nothing wrong with me, and I've been trying to fix something that isn't broken. Do you know how freeing that is? I'm finally much more content with the way I am and how I feel, health problems and all. And the more I do TPP, the better my health gets. Now, at times, my health gets worse, because I'll be dealing with the emotional cause of a specific health problem. But once that integrates, the health problem isn't there anymore.

    I'm only on my second PP, so I still have one more to do before I see most of my emotional issues resolved (which will take care of the health issues, too). And it may take even more PPs to take care of most of my issues--I don't know. But I plan to keep doing PPs until I feel all emotional issues are resolved. My health is always a good indicator, as well as my upsets in life. When I'm no longer getting upset by things, I'll know all of my emotional issues have integrated. I may find after 3 PPs that I don't need to do it anymore. I'll just have to wait and see.
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  3. chickenbone

    chickenbone Well known member

    BrianC, can you describe what it is like to have multiple personalities. I think I have some of that problem. For example, one of my personalities makes plans to take trips and is very excited about going, but then my other personalities always cancels the trip. One loves to travel, the other hates it. Most of the time if I force myself to travel, I will be sick the whole time with TMS disorders, like back pain, allergies or gastric reflex. Once I get home, these illnesses mysteriously disappear. I really wonder if multiple personality may be at the bottom of my TMS.
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  4. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member


    Well, what you describe could be Multiple Personality Disorder or it could be Schizophrenia. I usually have to ask a person a few questions to know if they're multiple or not. Sometimes, I'll also take them through a quick scenario that can potentially tell for certain if they're multiple.

    What you described can definitely happen with multiples.

    You're welcome to send me an email if you'd like to discuss it further. :) cephyr13@yahoo.com
  5. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Hi Brian,

    People often find that videos are a great introduction to a subject. Are there any videos that you would suggest for someone who knows about TMS but would like to learn more about the Presence Process? I know that there is the Presence Portal on YouTube that has a lot of videos, but that might be overwhelming for some. Are there any videos that you would recommend as a starting point?

    Also, for anyone interested in learning more about the Presence Process, we have a great Wiki page on it that might be a good starting point. There is even an interview with Dr. Sarno where he says that it has a good explanation of the psychology behind TMS. Here's the link:
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  6. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    I just ordered The Presence Process book by Michale Brown and am looking forward to starting this journey.
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  7. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    I don't think there are any videos or audios that are a really good intro to The Presence Process (TPP), because it's difficult to acclimate people to what it is in a short amount of time. The book is a slow immersion into what the process is and how to do it. If someone wanted a very abstract, basic idea of what the process is for, they could watch this 4-minute video--Presence Process Introduction--but it's really not going to tell you how the process works.

    When I first heard of The Presence Process, I listened to a little of the audio on the website, and I didn't really understand it. I had to read the book first, then listen to it again later. Then I understood it.

    I will say that where TMS procedures are much more complicated and a lot more work. And I see how people can easily get trapped having to do them for the rest of their lives. With TPP, we're encouraged not to think or figure this stuff out. Instead, we let the process do its thing, and the emotional stuff integrate and our health and happiness are much better as a result.
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  8. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    Awesome Walt! Can't wait to hear your experiences with the process!
  9. Forest

    Forest Beloved Grand Eagle

    Great answer, Brian, thanks.
  10. tarala

    tarala Well known member

    I'm just starting Week 10 of my first time through, and finding it really good. Here's what I like about it for TMS:

    I've always been a 95% % believer when it comes to my sciatica. I thoroughly believe in TMS (I'm a psychologist with an interest in mind body medicine), and since my interest in TMS have moved on from allergies, asthma and knee problems. But with my sciatic pain I still have just that little bit of doubt about structural issues that as we all know is a huge obstacle to TMS healing.

    But in the Presence Process it doesn't make any difference whether the pain is structural or not. Pain of any kind indicates stuck energy and emotions. It's presented in a way that has made me accept this idea, which means that now I focus so much less on what might be going on with my pain, and go straight to what's happening emotionally. You are not even supposed to be thinking about the circumstances, just focusing on the pure emotion. Being analytical I've found this pretty difficult, but am definitely improving. I can't think my way out of this one, lol.

    Cheers, Terry
  11. yb44

    yb44 Beloved Grand Eagle

    I hope some day to find my way clear to try out the Presence Process. I am really intrigued and have enjoyed lurking and reading these threads.
  12. Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021)

    Walt Oleksy (RIP 2021) Beloved Grand Eagle

    The Presence Process really sounds worth adding to our TMS knowledge and healing.
    I ordered the book by Michael Brown and am eager to read it.

    Terry, that 5 % you're withholding from believing 100 percent in TMS may very well be
    why you have not become completely pain free. I withheld 10 percent, but when
    I finally believed 100 percent that my back pain was TMS and not structural, the pain stopped.

    It didn't even take me identifying what the remaining 10 percent was.
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  13. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member


    I forgot to address what it's like to be multiple. I only told you that I could help you diagnose it. I don't recommend self-diagnosis, because so many psychologists get it wrong, and so many multiples manifest only some of the symptoms which make it difficult to diagnose.

    I'll do my best to describe things that happen with multiples.

    Multiples Lose Time
    So, let's say you're sitting on your couch watching TV at 10am. Suddenly, you come to consciousness in a store down the road from your house and the clock says it's 12:23pm. You've essentially "blanked out" on the last 2 hours and 23 minutes of your life, having no idea what happened during that time, because you weren't present. Another personality was in control that entire time.

    Multiples Can See an Inside World
    Some multiples forget about the inside world or have simply never experienced it to their knowledge. But their personalities have experienced it, because that's where they stay safe. The inside world looks like this world, but it's not industrialized with houses and stores and roads. It's very natural, usually. There may be a house from your childhood or some familiar things like that in that world, but generally, it's mountains or plains or valleys or forests, or a combination of all those things.

    Multiples Hear Voices in Their Head
    Multiples have multiple personalities vying for control of the body, or just talking to them periodically. Each voice is a different personality (called an Alter, which is short for "alternate personality"), and you cannot control those voices. Those personalities are actually just fractured parts of the heart (stuck emotions from childhood incidences--usually abuses--that need to integrate).

    Those are some of the major notable issues. When I diagnose someone, I take them through how to go into their inside world. If they can't go in, it's not a 100% certainty that they're multiple. But if they can go in, then they are almost definitely multiple. I used to work with multiples only in the inside world. I wouldn't go there, of course, but they would. I'd just guide them through it and guide them through the process for letting the stuck emotions work their way free so they'd integrate. I didn't have the emotional maturity to be successful at it back then. I've emotionally matured a lot since then, and the Presence Process is largely responsible for that. I think multiples could heal using the Presence Process or using the old method I used to use. Both have the same outcome, but the old method I used to use is way faster. I would recommend a multiple do the Presence Process after they finish integrating using the old therapy, though. I've helped one multiple fully integrate in just a few hours. She only had 5 or 6 personalities. I'd imagine she'd need to do the Presence Process afterward so she could learn the process and practice of living in her authentic self and integrating any emotions that didn't fully split off. It wold probably help solidify the integration, too, because integrations can fall apart if there's major emotional trauma within the first 6 months to a year. After that, it's pretty much impossible to lose the integration.
  14. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    UPDATE: Week 3 of 2nd Presence Process

    I've noticed something interesting. Subconsciously, I've suppressed my ability to feel emotions again, at least to some degree. I have two theories on this.

    1. My heart is bracing itself for the emotions it may feel during this second Presence Process.
    2. Now that I'm weaning myself off of my addiction very quickly, my heart is bracing itself for the emotions that the addiction has been covering.

    The former would mean that it's normal to have emotional desensitization for a little while each time a Presence Process is started.

    That's interesting. I'm wondering just how much stronger I will feel things later in this process or after it's finished this time. I think it'll be a noticeable amount stronger after this Presence Process, because I am ridding myself of my addiction. Addictions always cover very painful emotions and they keep our desensitization to emotions very strong. I'm very excited about how this 10-week process will affect me. I think a lot of emotional issues and health issues will be worked out this time.
  15. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    That's awesome! I would say that pretty much anyone can work the Presence Process into their life, because it's so simply and non-demanding. All a person really needs to do is make a little bit of time each day to read the book once through. After that, they just need to carve out a solid 15-20 minutes twice a day. Right after waking and right before bed are the best times. That's about it. It's really simple. You just do the breathing practice for 15 minutes, and read a page or two of that week's reading. Also, after the breathing practice, if emotions spring up, you just let them be and put your attention on them for a few minutes. If you have to do daily tasks right after the breathing, you just do your best to keep your attention on the emotion, feeling it, while you do your daily task (this would be morning time, because in the evening, you'd go right to bed after you finish the breathing session and feeling the emotions if they come up).

    That's about it. Oh, and you can usually pick up the book for a reasonable price on Amazon. Good luck! Hope you get a chance to do it soon! We'd love to hear your experiences. If you don't get to do it soon, by all means, read the threads and ask questions if you have them. It's a lot of fun sharing our experiences with each other.
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  16. chickenbone

    chickenbone Well known member

    Thanks, BrianC for the explanation. I guess this doesn't describe me, the multiple personality, I mean. I did not realize that it was such a serious mental illness. I guess I just keep searching why I am so prone to TMS. I guess I just have phobias and mood swings. I don't lose time or anything like that.

    The presence process sounds a lot like the work I am doing with a spiritual teacher named Guy Finley. Have you ever heard of him? He tells of all the things our minds do to us. He really knows the human mind. I have cured my insomnia because of him - I listen to him as I go to sleep - It causes my incessant mind chattering to stop. He tells of all the tricks our minds plays on us - my mind really shuts up when I listen to him. It met it's match!

    He has us do a lot of attention exercises so we can direct where we want our attention, rather than where our minds want it.
  17. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    If you don't have control of the voices in your head (if you're not the one making them talk), that could be MPD or Skitzophrenia. Some multiples don't manifest all of the symptoms. You sound closer to Skitzophrenic. That's something passed down emotionaly from a parent, and solidified by the parent's behavior toward you. Some attribute it to brain deformation, but the question becomes, "Which came first? The brain deformation or the emotional cause that produced the brain deformation."

    I would recommend The Presence Process because it doesn't deal with the mind, which is not the causal point of the issues you're having. It deals with the emotions, which are always the cause of issues. And it does so in a very gentle, loving way that's simple and easy. Tough to endure the emotions sometimes, but a very easy task. The book says it borders on effortless. I'd have to agree. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! The issues you deal with are no cake walk. I feel for you.
  18. chickenbone

    chickenbone Well known member

    There is a big difference between the normal kind of thinking that goes on on one's mind and one actually "hearing voices" as in schizophrenia. I have the normal mind chatter that a lot of sane people have, but a little more active than most. I can assure you that I don't hear voices over which I have no control.
  19. BrianC

    BrianC Well known member

    That's good. You're definitely not multiple. Multipls aren't insane in any way. They're completely rational, fairly normal individuals that you'd probably never know were multiple. You've probably known one and didn't know she was multiple. She might not have even known. :)
  20. tarala

    tarala Well known member

    I hope you do. It's pretty powerful, and it would be great to have the experiences of more people.
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