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Day 1 The beginning of my journey

Discussion in 'Structured Educational Program' started by Little Mermaid, Aug 16, 2021.

  1. Little Mermaid

    Little Mermaid Newcomer

    Hello everyone, i’m just starting the educational program. I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and currenlt on cymbalta after 3 years of running around… i tried everything (physiotherapy 150+ sessions, chiropractic sessions, bowen therapy, pilates, yoga, visited a rheumatologist and an osteopath, did all the xrays, ct scans and mri.. took care not to lift anything heavy, no to sit for long hours, not to hold my phone a lot etc…) i left my job… i stubmled across curable app by chance, which led me to dr sarno, then to alan gordon then to this website… i read dr sarno’s book and i am 100% sure i have TMS… i am convinced with this diagnosis… i started doing the somatic tracking and positive sensations after listening to alan and alon posdcats… i was starting to get better then i cut my finger pretty bad using a mandolin… lots of blood, pain, 2 days visiting the ER… me feeling so bad for everyone there as well… broke my heart that so many people were in pain… i felt fear, anxiety and pain… i feel uncomfortable with blood… i feel like i went back to square 0… pain is back everyday, so bad and i don’t like journaling… i am angry, sooo angry… i just want my life back :(:(:( somatic tracking and positive sensations aren’t working like they used to… i can’t shake the fear and anger feelings and of course anxiety… i hope i will do better as i proceed with the pain recovery and educational programs… wish me luck and i wish you all 100% recovery and to live a pain free life…

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